Let me fund your Paypal account in Nigeria

Wondering how you can fund your Paypal account in Nigeria? Well, I can help you out. Whether your Paypal account is verified or not, it will be funded for you and you pay in Naira.

I am not the one that will actually fund it for you. It is my close friend running a legit Paypal account in USA that will  fund it for you.

All you just need to do is tell me how many dollars you want and I will tell you how much to pay in Naira.

You pay to my bank account and once I confirm, your payment, I will contact my friend in USA to fund your account asap.

Once you confirm it, I the release the fund to my friend.  It is as simple as this.

This is for people that already trust me. If you are wondering if am for real or not, please Stay away, IT IS NOT BY FORCE.

I am just trying to help, so I do not have time to be preaching or begging you….

My friend can also help you buy any digital item that involves payment by Paypal.

Funding of Paypal account = N220 per dollar.

If Interested, check my contact details via the CONTACT PAGE.

Below is a snapshot of email notification I received when my friend funded my account :

If you do not know what Paypal is or wondering if you should open a Paypal account or not. read : What is Paypal? Can I use Paypal in Nigeria?

NOTE: You do not need Paypal account before you can start making money online in Nigeria. In fact, I hardly use it. Just read: 5 Quick Ways you can make money without Adsense and Paypal.

See also :   Opening a PayPal Account in Nigeria with FirstBank Ltd : The Basics


Jide Ogunsanya
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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Yes he can. You will just have to give me the link to the ebook. He will buy it and send it to me or the download link. Then, I forward it to your email. Email me: jideogunsanya @ gmail.com when you are ready

  2. @Jide
    The link, "What is Paypal? Can I use Paypal in Nigeria?", which is below the snapshot of the email notification Paypal stuff was wrongly linked to "How I created Navigation Bar with tabs linking to Labels, External Links, Pages and Post Pages".

    I hope you set it right!

  3. I was wondering if anyone has used the service from a site called goodstuff2read. they say they can show you how to fund and withdraw from paypal into your bank account. has anyone used them?

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