How I got my Zenith Visa prepaid Card and used it to pay for Facebook Ads

With the help of “Facebook ads” and “Google Adwords“, you can easily advertise your products and services to your target audience.

While hunting for a way to pay for Facebook Ads, I tried GTB Naira Mastercard but facebook declined it despite the fact that I have even activated the card with the GTBank Token. While sourcing for alternative card I can use to pay for the facebook ads, I came across Udegbunam Chukwudi’s post on Zenith prepaid Visa Buxz debit card and I decided to go for the card. I got the card same day I applied for it and today, I am delighted to tell you that Facebook accepted it, cleared the debt I owed and I can now run more Facebook campaigns.

So, How Did You Get It?

Well, I walked in to the nearby Zenith Bank with my $150 notes and told the lady at the Customer Care desk that I need the Visa prepaid card.  She asked me of the ID card I have and I told her that I have a VALID driver’s license. She also asked me if I have at least $120 with me and I told her I even have $150 with me. She also asked if I have Passport Photograph and Utility bill ( PHCN/NEPA bill) and I also told her that I have them.

She then gave me a form to fill, in which I filled in my Personal details and the details of my ID ( My driver’s license). Inside the form, you will see an option asking you if want a generic Buxz card or a personalized one. The personalized one comes with your name embossed on the card while the generic one doesn’t. I  personally went for the generic one because I didn’t want to wait for extra days before I get my card.

I returned the form to her and waited for the processing. After processing it, she gave me a teller, told me to fill it and took it to the cashier, together with my $150 notes. After depositing the $150, I went back to the Customer care rep and the lady told me to wait a little more so I can get my card.

After some few minutes, she gave me my card and told me to go home and call Zenith Bank’s card services on 012781740 so they can activate the card for me. On getting home, I called 012781740 and was told to wait for 24 hours before I start using it.

Today, I logged in to my Fb Ads account, added the card and Facebook accepted it. The debt I owed was cleared and I can now run more campaigns. I got sms alerts on my phone from zenith Bank to alert me that some funds were deucted from my account for Facebook Ads.

Next week, I hope to visit the Zenith Bank again so i can apply for my tele-banking PIN for me to be able to have access to the Online Statement of Account of my Visa Prepaid card.


1. You can also use your International passport as means of Identity as alternative to the Driver’s license.
2. You can withdraw funds from ATM machines with this Visa card.
3. Zenith bank charges you $5 everytime you load the card. 
4. There is a transaction fee on every transaction you do. The fee is 1.5% of the transaction amount/minimum of $3 I will shed more light on the charges in one of my future posts. 
5. It is NOT COMPULSORY you have a bank account with Zenith bank for you to get the Prepaid Visa Card.

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In my future posts, I will share with you how I payed for Google Adwords campaigns without using a credit card and will also shed more light on the Visa prepaid card tele-banking platform. More so, I will be sharing with you how I used my GTB Naira mastercard to shop online at some selected websites and how I used the Zenith Visa card to pay AWEBER Communications.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. This is great. well explained and straight to the point. Was thinking of getting the websurfer but I think I will now go for this. so you mean you have used this with Facebook Ads and Aweber?

  2. Great post Jide, it did help. It is very good to have such an alternative from Zenith bank, swift and very innovative. I also learnt that GTB Dollar Visa card is presently accepted for facebook ads unlike their Naira Master card. I hope the do something to bring back our "Naira Master card billing" onboard for facebook, considering their minimal and non hidden charges on transactions. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cool! Do you people know about GLOBALLY ACCEPTED PAYONEER US MASTERCARD? Just visit the site of any of their merchants and get registered and appy for the card.I have mine since the day of limeexchange but I recommend reviewme for the card application.Do you have have this card and want to fund it the first time? This is the main hitch about this card after arrival but you in the right website for solution.

  4. great post. found the post when i needed it. i had contacted GTB several times on this but i never knew i was a general problem. i intend to use paypal but its process i kind of long so i might consider Zenith bank. but do i need to be a customer before opening this account?

  5. @Andrew..for now, I cant risk going for the GTB US Mastercard till someone confirms it working for me. Loving this Zenith card for now do not need to be a customer
    @JobnetworkNigeria…it is the card am using for my facebook and adwords campaigns for now

  6. I have the card and there are somethings am not happy with. Firstly why the transaction charges when the card is prepaid not credit card and still charge annual fee. I was previously on the WEBSURFER which serve the purpose that I needed any international card for without charging any fee as transaction fee aside the annual charge of $20 but Zenith terminate access to my fund and said I must transfer to visa prepaid buzx or they return my balance aftercharging $30 termination fee.A termination that forced on me.
    To me is intentionally done so that Zenith Bank could rake in those charges as additional revenue.
    To me its unfair and dubious. Why is there no such charges on WEBSURFER which was anchored by a foreign bank? This I hope will be taken up by the appropriate authority. While I look for other alternative I SAY BUYERS BEWARE

  7. Thanks Jide. I only wish I had got this information earlier – I would not have lost my blog ( for lack of an accepted payment system. Thanks once more!

  8. I also want to say buyers beware! I got the naira visa card to make international web payment in us dollars, as recently publicized by the bank. I was charged approximately 386/387 to one dollar when the official CBN to bank rate is 315, Nafex was 366 and black market rate was 376 or so. It was disheartening for me to call their card services to be told that was the rate! Determined by who and what process? Beware the charges with zenith bank Visa international payment is in the black.

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