Ringo Telecoms Software : Facts You Must Know

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You can watch the video tutorial on how to print recharge vouchers at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI06aXUnO_M

Ringo Telecoms is one of the most popular telecommunication products dealers in Nigeria. With head office in Lagos Nigeria, Ringo is a trade partner with major telecommunication companies in Nigeria such as MTN, ZAIN, GLO, VISAFONE, ETISALAT, STARCOMS, MULTILINKS, ZOOM, ETC

Ringo Telekoms sell telecommunication of all those telecom companies above. Apart from the sales of printed recharge vouchers, the company also sell recharge pins to those interested in the printing of recharge card business. For you to buy recharge ePins from Ringo Telecoms, you must be ready to pay N10, 000 for the software (Ringo PinMaster software) you will be using to print the recharge vouchers.

The Ringo software is a universal software and allows you to print ePins of all the major telecom companies out there. Ringo telecom will charge you N10, 000 before they can install the Ringo recharge card printing software for you. This means you will have to take your PC to their office if you are really serious in getting their software. At their office, they will teach you how to use the software after installing it to your computer. 

The software is easy to use. It allows you to reprint vouchers should in case the ones you have printed are not clear. You can also easily insert your business name on your vouchers as explained hereMind you, Ringo Telecom will not sell ePins to you if you do not pay the N10, 000 for software installation even if you already have a similar software on your PC.

If you are interested in getting the Ringo Software for printing recharge cards, just go to their office. If you don’t know their current address, you can get it from the “Recharge Card Dealers Package” which I sell for N1, 000

I also have a Universal software very similar to Ringo software, which you can also use it to print ePins irrespective of the dealer you buy your ePins from. I sell this for N3, 000 and if interested, I will send it to you via email after paying for it and will also guide you on how to use it.

Cool, I am interested. What Should I Do?

Go to: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/2011/04/universal-software-for-printing.html to read how to get the Universal software for printing recharge cards. 


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  1. Thanks for this great info but are you saying if I pay Ringo, N10, 000, they will only install it to my computer and will not give me the file so I can reinstall should in case I format my PC or it gets corrupted?

    • As at the time of publishing this, Ringo will only install the software onto your PC, that is why they will ask you to bring your PC to their office. They will not give you the file for that N10, 000 you paid.

  2. The N10, 000 payment is it one off or yearly? is this info still current because I can see the last update is since March 2012.

    Please reply soon.

  3. Thanks for this info, though old and do not know if this offer still exist. Is the N10, 000 a one off payment. Am ready to go to Ringo and do the needful as soon as possible because the business is quite interesting and I have longed to do this kind of business since.
    Please respond ASAP.



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