Watch MNET channel 102 on DSTV without Paying Premium (full) bouquet

If you are subscribing to DSTV premium (full) bouquet for N9,500, you will surely have access to DSTV’s MNET channel 102. I guess there is no one who doesn’t know that you can’t have access to or view MNET channel 102 on DSTV if you are subscribing to the other bouquet options namely, DSTV Compact Plus, DSTV compact, DSTV family and DSTV Access.

DSTV premium shows the full range of available channels except those categorized as special. Special Bouquet channels include French, Portuguese, and Indian options. To view this special bouquet while subscribing to DSTV premium, you still have to pay an extra N2,000 for each i.e French bouquet, Portuguese bouquet or Asian bouquet.

You are also allowed to combine these special bouquet channels with other DSTV bouquet too, but the price per special bouquet becomes N3,700 instead of N2,000.

What this means is that Compact plus + Asian will cost me (N7000+N3700=10,700), Compact +Asian (N4800+3700=8500), Family +Asian (N2800+3700=6500), Access + Asian (1800+3700=5,500).

The good news is that when you pay for the last bouquet (Access+Asian), in addition to the normal Access only and Asian only channels, you also get DSTV’s MNET channel 102.

The only problem with the Access bouquet is that the channels are limited. It is a downgrade of DSTV family. There is no viewing of African magic, no BBC, no CNN. If you can make do with Ajazeera, why not sacrifice CNN and have MNET in place of African Magic?

Moreover, if you are married or do have a lady friend, sibling, she will love you for the Asian Channels you will be introducing her to. No dulling moment with those options. You will have Zee TV on channel 452, SET A on channel 450, B4U on Channel451, Smax on channel 457, B4Um (musical) on channel 458.

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If you think these channels are not worth the trade off try watching Indian films like Fashion, 3 Idiots or My Name is Khan and you will see what you have been missing.

As a guy, you still have your Super Sport Select to watch your selected sporting events on channel 220 and channel 200 and Eurosports Channel 240 which be giving you all your sports news.

So if you want to have access to DSTV MNET channel 102 without paying full subscription try DSTV Access+ Asia when next you are paying your subscription and it could be a romantic prelude to the Valentine celebration with your loved one(s) this season.

What with the fact that American Idols has just started and you can only watch it on, you guessed right, DSTV’s MNET channel 102 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Additionally, with DSTV MNET channel 102 you will not miss all the latest blockbuster movies showing on MNET every Sunday by 9pm. Films like “The Town” featuring Ben Affleck and other blockbusters are already lined up this month of February.

Enjoy and feel free to drop comments if you are not clear with anything.

This is a guest post by Ebipade Enienghan.He owns a job site that shares only Fresh Graduates Jobs in Nigeria. You can send him a friend request on facebook at
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