How To Block Facebook Tags

Facebook tags can be so annoying atimes especially when you are been tagged in some useless pictures. There was a time my Facebook profile was bombarded with meaningless tags and I decided to hunt for a solution to the mess. Unfortunately, as at the time of publishing this post, you cannot block your Facebook friends from tagging you but there are ways you can block Facebook tags so that your friends won’t be seeing them.

The best solution of course, is to edit your Privacy Settings. Via your Privacy Settings, you can control what appears on your profile. I have edited my Privacy settings in such a way that ONLY ME can see posts/pictures I have been tagged in. So, any friend who tags me in a picture, thinking my friends will see it, is just wasting his/ her time. This way, I can be catching fun offline, without having to worry about been tagged in useless pictures on Facebook.

Remember, when you are tagged in a picture, some friends see it as if you are the one who posted it on your wall. Just imagine been tagged in an adult-rated picture, what do you think will be going on in the mind of your friends?

To edit your tagging Preferences, login to your Facebook account via a computer and go to :

Click the “edit settings” beside the “How Tags Work” option as seen in the picture below.

A window will pop-up.  Choose the “custom” option from the drop-down box beside the “Profile Visibility…” as seen in the picture below.

Another window will pop-up. Choose “ONLY ME” from the drop-down box you will see under the “make this visible to” option as seen in the picture below.

If you want some selected friends to be seeing the tags, you can select  the “Specify people” option instead of the “ONLY ME” option and type in the names of the friends.

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That’s all.

By using this trick and disabling wall posting on your profile, your wall will always be neat and free of all those spams out there on Facebook.

I hope this helps…

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Thanks for this. I will do it once i get on PC asap so i can have rest on mind on my wall. I am just tired of friends tagging me everyday. God bless you Mr Jide

  2. you can also visit to learn how to underline and bold text in facebook chat

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