Getting Started With Forex Trading Business In 3 Easy Steps

This is a guest post compiled by Azubuike Ikedionu. 

As a FOREX Beginner wanting to trade Forex, You have to learn Forex strategies which will equip you to face the challenges in forex market. This article will show you basic things to getting started with Forex trading business in 3 easy steps that guarantee success in the online currency trading.

In order to become a competent participant of FOREX market, i.e. a professional trader, Forex Analyst, it is necessary to pass through inevitable stages, by so doing you will acquire all the skills and knowledge which are essential for working on FOREX Robots.

To be a novice trader, does not mean to incur losses. Owing to the fact that the accounts in some Forex brokers do not have limits to the volume of minimal lot you start with, you can start working with any amount of money you wish, having the opportunity to reduce risks. By getting more experienced, you expand the volume of trading operations, thus increasing risks as well as the opportunity of collecting higher profit while trading forex.

Below are the steps:

   Step 1: Training on a Demo Account.

Every person can open Forex demo account and learn how to operate the forex trading terminal and trading strategies for unlimited period of time and absolutely free. Even without having any idea about Forex market you can try yourself as a trader, by opening a Demo Account.

In spite of the fact that all deals on Forex demo accounts appear virtual and are not put on Forex, you have exactly the same conditions as you do on live forex accounts. On a Forex demo account, a trader can conduct deals as if he or she were trading on a real forex account.

No matter how many questions arise, you can try to find the answers working on a demo account, without risks and having the opportunity to open any number of such accounts totally free. More so, you have the
opportunity of reaching 24/5 support department available via ICQ, chat, telephone or e-mail if provided.

   Step 2: Trading on the Live Forex Account

Having got the hand in working with Forex terminal and learning the main trading strategies, you can try yourself on the real account, limiting your risks.

Owing to the absence of limits on minimal deal’s volume you can trade according to the principle “risk profit”, when you define the volume of your investments.

Working on a live account lets you understand and learn more in comparison with a DEMO account, no matter how seriously you take the virtual trading. Working with real account, even with minimal funds, you start to feel the connection between your profit and currency movements. That’s cool!

This experience is very important for raising to the next level of trader’s development.

   Step 3: Professional work

This is where the real thing is. Having obtained the necessary knowledge, a trader is able to work independently on the currency market, using his own or borrowed trading strategies for collecting profit from currency movements. A professional trader develops the style of his trading and chooses the instruments which are more suitable for his strategy.

Not all new coming traders are able to reach this level, but some Forex Company guaranties that their team bends every effort in order to help each client to go forward and get professional support should
any problems arise.

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Let me quickly inform you that apart from the three steps listed above, you require a compatible device and internet connection such as Computer, Laptop or any mobile device that can handle forex trading terminal tools. It doesn’t matter whether the Device is personal, public or borrowed, so long it has the capacity to work with forex trading terminal.

I think you should try yourself too and see how it works.

You can start with any of the Forex Brokers below, their services are very good.


There are many other Forex Companies to work with, just google them and choose the one most suitable for you.

Note: is not in anyway affiliated to any of the Forex Brokers mentioned in this post and therefore will not be held responsible for your gains or loses while utilizing any of the Broker’s services.

Thank you for taking out time to read this post. If you’ve got any suggestion or question concerning this article, kindly relay your comments in the box below.

This post was written by Azubuike Ikedionu. He is an online FOREX trader and also a blogger at
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  1. The minimum initial deposit to open an account with Capital One Forex is $100 USD or the equivalent in your base currency. Unlike many brokers, Capital One Forex does not charge any fees for the transfer of funds to your account using credit/debit cards and all E-Wallets.

  2. A pip is the smallest unit of measure for any currency. In most currencies, this is the fifth digit, or the fourth after the decimal point; in dollars, each pip is equivalent to one-hundredth of a penny. One important exception is the Japanese Yen, in which each pip is the second unit after the decimal point, meaning each pip equals one cent.

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