How I Use More than One Email Accounts on Blackberry Complete Plans

I started my use of Blackberry with the N 3,000 BIS Unlimited plan on MTN. This plan afforded me the privilege to use 10 email accounts, 1 Blackberry email account, BBM, Unlimited Internet access, Social Networking, BlackBerry App world and Blackberry Protect. I was not bothered by how much I spend on the MTN BIS Unlimited plan because I use part of my AdSense income to run the BIS monthly. My first Blackberry was also bought with one of my AdSense income… lol. After getting furious with incessant MTN and Glo’s BIS service, I opted for Airtel monthly complete plan.

The Airtel Blackberry complete monthly plan comes with the features below;

==> Create and use only one (1) BlackBerry email address (i.e.
==> Integrate and use only one (1) third party email account.
==> Access to the Internet
==> Access Social Networking Services.
==> Access Instant Messaging Services.
==> Access the BlackBerry Messenger Instant Messaging Service.

This is almost the same with Glo Blackberry Complete Plan, Etisalat Blackberry Complete Plan and MTN Blackberry Complete Plan. This because all the complete plans offer just one email address. For people like me who are on the Blackberry Complete plan but needs to use more than one email address, this is how you can start using more than one email address.

1. Create an Email Address with your Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) provider

Create an email address e.g.

To do this, go to and follow the easy steps.

Please note, in setting up this, you would need your Blackberry PIN and Blackberry IMEI number ready.

Important Update: To create Glo’s email, go to and follow the easy steps on the page. For MTN’s email, go to and for Etisalat, go to

2. Forward your other Emails to the Email Address you created with your BIS provider

 I would be using GMail as an example. The same steps works with other email providers. Also note, to do this, you other emails must have the capacity to forward emails to other email address. To do this, please follow these steps.

– Log into your other email address e.g. GMail
– Go to your mail settings
– Click on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’
– Next, click on ‘add a forwarding address’
– Type the email address you created into the box provided and click on ‘Next’ to confirm forwarding.
– Click on ‘Proceed’ and follow the easy steps that follows.
– Leave POP Download and IMAP Access enabled
– Click on ‘Save Changes’ and you are done.

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3. Use the Email Address you Created with your BIS provider on your Blackberry.

To integrate an email address with your BlackBerry smartphone, just complete the following steps:

– Locate and click on the ‘Setup’ folder.
– Within the ‘Setup’ folder, click on ‘Email Settings’ and if prompted, review the Terms of Agreement.
– A listing of various email providers will now be displayed. You will see Yahoo, GMail etc but since you created an email address with your BIS provider, you will need to select ‘Other’.
– Provide the email address and password and in most cases and save settings.

You’re done! You will start receiving all the emails that gets into your other email addresses in your Blackberry email.

I hope this helps?

If you need further assistance, feel free to ask for it using the comment box below.

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