AdDynamo Pays Directly into My Nigeria Bank Account

I can now list AdDynamo program as one of the ways I make money online. I received my first Addynamo payment today directly into my bank account here in Nigeria, while still awaiting my Google adsense check to be delivered to my doorstep by DHL.

I joined the Pay Per Click program as an alternative to Google Adsense when Google stopped serving ads to Placing of Addynamo ads on the mobile version of my blog is an easy task, which I’ve explained “How To Add Addynamo Code To Mobstac Blog” . As an AdDynamo publisher, I make money when people who visit click on the Addynamo ads on the site.

Initially when I joined Addynamo, I opened a U.S Dollar account without knowing that I can also open a Naira account, been a Nigerian. My AdDynamo earnings surpassed the threshold, the first month I joined the program but unfortunately, I couldn’t get my payment on payday because I failed to provide my verified paypal account before Addynamo issued out payments to the pubishers.

I contacted Addynamo and I was told to open a new Naira Addynamo account. In the Naira account, there is a provision for me to enter the details of my Nigerian bank account. After opening the Naira account, the money in the dollar Addynamo account was transferred to the Naira account. Addynamo deactivated the dollar account after the transfer was completed.

I created a new Ad channel from my Naira Addynamo account, generated the ad code and and integrated it into The per per click was quite impressive in the first week but it turned to something else till this moment. I don’t really know why but I hope to figure it out this month.

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If you are an Addynamo publisher, are you operating the Naira or dollar account? Kindly share your experience with me.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Wow! This is quite encouraging. I will also have to give them a try but between Google Adsense and Addynamo, which one is better?

  2. My own addynamo sucks despite still using their paypal and i strongly know that,using paypal or naira accout has nothing do with click rates or you have something to say there? may be it has or not? i want to know.
    Im tired meh

  3. Yes huyz, addynamo is what i am using in my blog….and i am enjoying it, adsense dont serve ad to my site, addynamo have naira account and that is what i am suing……

  4. Wow that's good. I want to start using addynamo on my blog too but i want to get my sort code first. I use adsense too but their payout is so small.

  5. Jide nice work with the answers, but I have a terrible problem,, My addynamo on web doesn't increse imean the pay and also on mobile its stagnant… I also want to ask if I don't want to use the naira acct wats the preferable one, that I can as well acess easily??

  6. omo there is no place where to put bank account all i see is either paypal or addynamo debit card….ooo and its giving difficulties to fill my application for the debit card….why is there no bank account option for me

  7. Jide Pls how do I generate ad code that works for my blog on addynamo, what are my suppose to fill on Ad Unit Name and Ad Unit Description? Pls I need ur reply. Thanks.

  8. Ad dynamo is not taking my skye bank account details… But when i tried a guarantee trust bank did once, the gt bank is not mine and i use the Skye Bank for business… Please help, is the problem with skye bank?

  9. Hi. I am a publisher at Addynamo. I have reached the payment threshold in October and it says I’ll receive payment by November 2 but I have still not received it. Have you experienced such? If you receive payments via bank transfer how long does it take?

    P.S. I wonder if the tracking code I added to the paid content on my news website is working because on the Addynamo site it shows Active but impressions, clicks, etc is 0 whereas in Google Analytics, I get impressions and clicks and even the goal completion rate I set.

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