New Blogger Custom Domain and CNAME Setup Guide

A client paid me today to set up a custom domain for his Blogger blog. I registered the domain name, created the normal CNAME ( and created four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs. (;; and After I confirmed that the DNS servers have been updated, I decided to add the custom domain to the blog’s settings but to my surprise, the settings FAILED to save.

I noticed this error message “We are not able to resolve www.*******.com. It might take up to 24 hours for new domains to start working. Please try again later” on the page and right under the error message, I saw an instruction that I should enter two CNAMEs in my DNS settings.

I followed the instruction and within a short time, the blogspot address started redirecting perfectly to the custom domain. In fact, the naked domain also started redirecting to the “www” without me ticking the redirection option in Blogger Settings.

Thereafter, I decided to comb the web to find out why we now have to add two CNAMEs to get Blogger custom domain working instead of the normal one CNAME ( Fortunately, I stumbled on a post at Google Groups where a Blogger explained why a domain name might still be in a “12” / “404” State.

Right there, I discovered that Blogger has updated their CNAME setup settings for Custom domains which now require that you have two CNAME records entered in your DNS settings for your custom domain to work with your Blogspot blog. The update was released after Blogger restored the custom domain publishing option which was down for some weeks.

Hence, moving forward, you have to follow the steps below to add the second CNAME to your DNS:

  1. Enter your custom domain into the appropriate field located on the Blogger’s Settings (Publishing) page
  2. Click the “settings instructions link below the field. (It is important that you only click the settings
     instructions link after you enter your domain, as the unique record is generated based on the entered URL.)
  3. You’ll be directed to a page which will have your two unique records displayed. Copy the information for use in the next step.
  4. Depending on your domain register, follow the relevant instructions for creating a new CNAME just as you did for, but now instead using the unique info from step 3.#
  5. After updating your CNAME info, head back to Blogger and click Save to finalize your custom domain setup. If Saving does not work, then you’ll have to wait a little while and try again. Saving won’t be possible until the DNS changes have fully updated, and some registrars may take up to an hour or more before that happens.
Please note also that some registrars may take up to 24 hours to update changes to DNS so the blog may not be served immediately on your domain.

That’s all.

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If you have contribution or questions to ask, feel free to use the comment form below.

You can also contact me if you prefer I set it up for you.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Thanks Jide for the wonderful information, will the changes affect those that are already have a custom domain? As in this information, is it for the bloggers that there blog still end with blogspot (not custom domain)that are about to make it a custom domain.

  2. Hi Jide, After Following Step 1 and 2, Blogger is not redirecting me to a page with "Copy the information for use in the next step". Instead its giving me an option:

    Where would you like to host your blog?
    On a top-level domain (
    On a subdomain (

    Please Help, Thanks

    • You will only see the options stated above if you click on the "instructions" link in STEP 4 above.

      For you to be redirected to where you will get the details of the second CNAME, add your custom domain and click on the "settings instructions" link below the field where you entered your custom domain name.

  3. i bought a domain name. but how do i park my blogspot site to my custom domain name. and i still want to use blogger for my updates. . . i sent i a mail on facebook but uve not replied. . . . .samson olowu

    • Park or you mean redirecting the address to your custom domain? This post guides you on the new steps you have to take to make your custom domain works with your blogspot address.

  4. thanks for replying. i own both and i av done all the DNS and CNAME stuff. now my blogspot is redirecting to but it is displaying the old index page . i want it to display my blogspot, but with the name . .help. samson olowu

  5. ok now the problem is half solved. goes but doesnt go. . . . dnt know what 2do. . .am using cpanel

  6. Hi Jide, I appreciate your reply but I already did the STEP 4 even before landing here in your site. The problem, Blogger is still giving me this –

    Where would you like to host your blog?
    On a top-level domain (
    On a subdomain (

    Whenever I type the domain name I bought
    and click settings instructions

    Please Help, Thanks

  7. I have done all tricks but in vain…At last, I posted on Google groups with the hope that someone will will help me solve the issue, but am still waiting. I am eeking your kind help; do read the issue I posted in Google Groups (!category-topic/blogger/something-is-broken/_MelmyjXwwI) and please do help me know where the problem lies..Waiting for your reply..!!

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