The Dangers of Cell Phone On Your Health And How to Overcome It

This is a guest post compiled by Anthony Adeokun

To everything that has a positive side, there is always the other side of it, so also is the uses of cell phone. We all know that cell phone has so many advantages, and so many of us cannot do without it as part of our daily lifestyle but have you come to think of what can be the adverse effect of using a cell phone as far as your health is concern?

The mobile phone you’re carrying emits microwave radiation which is dangerous to your health. Cell phone health risks are real if you must know today.

The fact remain that cell phone is a two-way microwave radio; don’t be deceived by the industry deceptions because the phone industry has successfully be able to use the phrase ‘radiofrequency energy‘ instead of microwave radiation. This is a deception because they are aware that radiofrequency energy sounds good to our ear, because we listen to music with radios and every one of us needs more energy for our daily survival. Tell me what name could be better than the radiofrequency energy?

You must know the truth; radiofrequency energy is another word for microwave radiation. If only you understand that the cell phone you’re holding is a two-way microwave-radiating device next to your brain or next to your reproductive organs, you may have to think differently about it.

Children are the worse hit by this microwave radiation because children absorb more radiation than adults, the reason been the nature of their brain structure. Their skulls are thinner and smaller, so electromagnetic fields (EMFs) penetrate much more deeply into their brains. Also their brains are more conducive due to the higher water and ion concentration.

Top Four Negative Effect of Cell Phone to Your Health

  1. Cell phone cause cancer as a result of the microwave radiation it emits.
  2. Cell phone cause low sperm count
  3. Cell Phone Radiation Weakens Cell Membranes
  4. Interrupt the proper functioning of the brain

So, What is the way forward? How can you protect yourself and your family?

If you desire to have a healthy life while using cell phone, it is a must for you to follow these preferred solutions to the cell phone detrimental effect on your health.

  1. If you want to receive any call, it is advisable to make use of speakerphone, and other hand free device. Don’t hold the phone directly against your head or body.
  2. Phone work very hard when signal is weak and thus emits more radiation into your body; just beware of this, it is better not to use your phone when signal is weak of block.
  3. Protect children, the pregnant abdomen, and men who still desire to impregnate women: children absorb twice as much radiation as adults. If you must give your cell phone to your child, please and please put it in airplane mode, this mode will not allow to reception of any signal on the phone. Sperm are especially vulnerable.
  4. Cultivate the habit of putting your cell phone off when you want to sleep, phone do not emit microwave radiation when it is turn off or in airplane mode.
  5. Corded land-lines are swifter, safer, and more secure: cordless phones also emit microwave radiation.
  6. Do not texts while in any of these movements: driving, biking, walking, skiing. Milliseconds can make the difference between life or death.
  7. Never you keep your cell phone in front pocket. Carry your phone as far away from your body as possible.
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A number of well designed studies indicate that cell phone use increases cancer risk. Cell phones change the brain after 50 minutes of holding a cell phone on or next to ear, recent research suggest that cell phones, cordless phones, and other wireless devices can also disturb heart rate.

It is a known fact that there are millions or let me say billions of young lads growing up, keeping phones in their front pockets. The warning that comes with the Android says, “Keep it 2.54 centimetres away from the pregnant abdomen or the abdomen of a teenager”. Nobody reads it. The Apple iPhone 4S has its own fine print warnings saying do not to put it in your pocket.

This post was written by Anthony Adeokun. He is the brain behind, where he share his knowledge and latest health research on general health issues. You can hook him up on Facebook for one on one discussion on health and relationship related matter.
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  1. Cosmic rays are very high speed particles which fly through our Milky-Way and plow Earth's Atmosphere causing a small shower of very tiny, very high speed particles. No one knows for certain what the exact origins or Cosmic Rays are, but a few ideas have been put forth:
    (1) Supernovae (2) The Disks around black holes. (3) The strong magnetic fields that course through our galaxy.
    Whatever the case may be, they probably don't affect your cell phone's battery a whole heck of a lot. However, they might, from time to time, affect the transmission of signals from one phone to another- especially if those signals are relayed to an orbiting telecommunications satellite. If that satellite is struck by a cosmic ray in just the right place to fry some vital electronic component, your call might be affected.
    I hope that answer your question. If you need more clarification drop your comment.

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