Social Feeds for Blackberry Lets You View and Post To Your Social Applications In One Location

The Blackberry Social Feeds app is a pre-installed application on most Blackberry phones. It is one of my favorite BlackBerry apps, not just because it serves as an RSS reader for BB, but because I can use it to post to Facebook, Twitter and BBM at ONCE while it also lets me keep tabs on friends, family and my professional life in ONE location.

What is Social Feeds for Blackberry?

With the Social Feeds app, you can stay-up-to-date with your social networks and receive the latest news and information from your favourite blogs and websites in one location. You can post updates to your social networks and update your instant messaging statuses with the application. You can also create views to keep up-to-date with only the people and information you choose; flag feed items so you can read them later; and search your feeds by keywords.

Basically, the app has a Social view and a News view (RSS). In the social view, you can view updated feeds from your social applications (Facebook, Twitter), as well as your instant messaging applications (BBM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk) while in the News view (RSS), you can read RSS web feeds and blogs, and view full feed items in the browser.

If you want to be viewing updates from your social networks in the Social Feeds app as well as post updates to them at ONCE, you will have to connect your Social Feeds app to your social network accounts and instant messaging apps.

So, How Do I Connect My Social Networks and Instant Messengers to Social Feeds App?

==> On the home screen, open “Social Feeds” app

==> In the social view, click the navigation bar at the top of the screen

==> Click a social application and log in with your details.

Once you successfully connect your social networks and instant messengers to the Social Feeds app, you can start posting to them from the Social feeds app and also stay-up-to-date with happenings all across the connected social networks right in the application.

How To Post Update To Social Applications With BB Social Feeds App

You can post an update to multiple social applications simultaneously with the BB Social Feeds app.

==> On the home screen, open “Social Feeds” app

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==> Press the Menu key

==> Click New post.

==> Click the social applications that you want to post to

==> Type an update

==> Click the post icon.

How To View Feed Items by Social Application

By default, if you open the social feeds app, you will see all the updates from your connected social networks and instant messengers. Nevertheless, if you ONLY want to view updates from a social application eg BBM, it is possible. Just follow the steps below:

  • In the social view, click the navigation bar at the top of the screen
  • Click a social application eg the BBM and scroll through the feed items

==> to view all of the feed items from another social application eg Facebook, scroll left or right on the navigation bar at the top of the screen

==> to view feed items from all social applications again, click the navigation bar at the top of the screen . Click “All social items” as highlighted in the screenshot below

There are many other interesting things you can do with the Social Feeds apps. You can check out this Social feeds user-guide for more info. In my future post, I will share with you, how to use the app as BB RSS reader and how a blogger can use the app to share links of latest blog posts across social networks at once.

If your BB is running on Blackberry OS 7.0, you can check out the new features of the updated Social Feeds 2.0 app for BlackBerry 7 OS-enabled smartphones. The app comes pre-installed on most BB. Hence, no need to start stressing yourself searching for where you can download social feeds for Blackberry. If you have deleted it from your BB and want to re-install, you will have to re-install it via the “Applications” tab of the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Do you use the Social Feeds app on your BB at all? Please, let me hear from you via comments.

If you have questions or contributions, you can also relay them via comments.


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  1. Sincerely, I have never used it since I bought my BB because I just don't know the usefulness of the app. I never know it's such a great app. Will start using it asap. Thanks for the guide bro

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