How Do I Get My Adsense Money?

Will Google send my check to my email, so I can print it out, then take it to the bank?

Above, is a question a friend asked me while chatting with me on BBM this morning. It’s quite obvious that he doesn’t know how Google Adsense really works. I answered his question and decided to share it with you here. Who knows, you might learn something from it.

Well, if Google approves your Adsense application after registering for the Google Adsense Pay Per Click program, you will be able to sign into your Adsense account at :

From your Adsense account dashboard, you can create Google ads, monitor the performance of your ads,track your payments and also edit your account settings. At the account settings page, Google allows you to edit your home or postal address and also allows you to decide whether to receive your payments monthly or not. Right there you can also choose your payment method: standard delivery or express delivery.

After your Adsense earnings might have passed the threshold, (70 euros = 100 US dollars), Google will issue you a check and send it to the home or postal address in your Adsense account. How soon you will receive the check depends on the payment method you chose in your account settings.

If you choose express delivery, Google will send the check to you via courier and you will get it by the 5th of the month but if you choose Standard delivery, it might take up to one month or more before you will receive your check. Standard delivery is FREE but if you opt for express delivery, Google will deduct 17 Euros from your earnings.

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I use express delivery and DHL brings my check to my house. If am not at home, my neighbour receives it for me. Google also provides the DHL tracking number of my check via the payments page which I use in tracking my check after Google might have issued it out.

So, What Do I Do With the Check?

Take it to your bank and deposit it into your domiciliary account. After some weeks, it should clear and the money should be in your account, after which you can withdraw it and do whatever you like with it.

Presently, am using GTBank to clear my Adsense checks and it takes up to 21 days for it to clear into my account, here in Benue state, Nigeria.

That’s all.

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I hope this helps.

If you have contributions or questions to ask, kindly relay them via comments.


NOTE: DHL does not deliver to postal addresses. So, if opting for express delivery, make sure you provide a traceable home address and not a postal address.

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  1. Ogbonge foreva.Thanks for this informative post.
    please i have a challenge,i discovered the postal address i used no longer exist and now google sent me a mail that my verification pin has been sent,what do you advise i do?

  2. Yes @Jibike… You Earning must reach $100 Monthly before you can Receive it, If it doesn't get upto that amount within any Month, It will be Roll over to the Next Month… Just work on your Traffic for now, I used to Earn almost $4,000+ Back then On adsense…

  3. Great post jide this' the first time am commenting on your site, i hope am most welcomed

    Please this is the blog am managing for the moment. Hope you'l help me with some enquiries to develop it

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