How to Use VConnect.Com to Find Addresses of Businesses in Nigeria

If you are just heading to a new locality for business or pleasure, finding nice air port car hire services, a reliable Nigerian travel agency and the right kind of hotel and suites that suit your budget and needs can turn out to be challenging task, especially if you are visiting the place for the first time. This is where an organized and competent local search engine can play a pivotal role. can turn out to be a really good resource if you are looking for a competent local search engine and information service provider in Nigeria. VConnect has a huge database of local businesses and services in Nigeria with over 500,000 business listings. The site boasts of a smart search algorithm that lets you find just the information you are looking for without breaking a sweat.

The site was helpful to my brother when he was searching for the contact info of the Nigeria Turkish International College and Nigerian stock brokers. I use the website alot in searching for internet service providers in any new location I find myself as well as dry cleaning and laundry services.

For the sake of illustration, let me explain how to use to search the for list of hotels in and around Kaduna North, Nigeria.

==> Go to

The search field at the tops lets you easily select the state of your choice and the field adjacent to it lets you add the keywords for whatever it is you are looking for.

==> Once you select the state of your choice in the first field, you get the option to choose the LGA which you are planning to visit (see screen-grab below)

==> Select “Kaduna North” as the LGA of choice and once the page refreshes, go ahead and type the keyword “hotel” in the second field.

==> Now before you hit the search button, the auto-suggest feature kicks into action and pops up a smartly segregated list of categories such as brands, products or services for the keyword you are searching for.   For instance, below is what you get when you type the keyword “hotel”

==> Next, as soon as you hit the search button, you instantly get a list of hotels listed in Kaduna North.  In this case I got 33 hotels listed under the Kaduna North area.

And the best part about these results – most of them are accompanied by user reviews which can very useful to pick and choose the hotel of your liking.  Also, more importantly the reviews come from a credible source and not some random person.

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Here’s a snapshot of a couple of reviews left by users.

To conclude, the entire platform looks quite transparent and really helpful to those looking for information not just for hotels but even for other products, services, brands, and information on business anywhere in Nigeria. If you are looking for brodal gown rental services, children party planners etc, the site will also be so useful to you.

There are also a lot of other features that made navigation a breeze.   You can search for information by browsing through clearly demarcated categories such as brands, products, services or a business.  They even have a 24/7 Tele-search facility that’s a one of its kind feature.

This is a really cool resource and would strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to look for information online anytime and anywhere in Nigeria.

Do you use VConnect? Do you know websites that are similar to Please, let me hear from you.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. VConnect is the largest local search engine in Nigeria, I have benefited a lot from their services. They provide users with free sms and also I do use their website to get information/addresses about companies.

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