How To Pay for Ads If You Want To Advertise Using Google Adwords

I guess you are ready to start promoting your business or website via the pay per click advertising on the Google search engine but don’t know how to pay for the ads as a Nigerian right? Just relax as I share with you how I pay for Google Ads with my Nigerian credit cards. If you don’t know how Google Adwords works, you can read : “What is the meaning of Google Adwords” before going ahead to read this.

Advertising on Google is something you should consider if you want to reach new audience for your website or new customers for your business quickly. If for example, you’ve just launched a website where you want to be selling Apple iPads, you can use Google Adwords to promote the website in such a way that your website will be recommended to anyone that searches Google for “where to buy iPad in Nigeria“. In addition to this, your ad will appear on all blogs that display Google Ads.

I use Google Adwords to advertise my blog and other internet businesses. Below is a snapshot of one of my Google Ads been displayed on Nairaland.

NOTE: Nairaland no longer displays Google Ads as at the time of publishing this post.

So, How Do I Pay For Google Ads?

As a Nigerian, you can easily pay for your Google adverts using the Visa and MasterCards obtainable from Nigerian banks. Though you can use free Google Adwords coupons to place some adverts on Google but if you are a serious advertiser, you will have to get a card for your payments because you can only use ONE coupon per Adwords account.

The Zenith Visa Prepaid card works perfectly for me in paying for my Google and Facebook ads. I tried GTB Naira Mastercard earlier this year and Google rejected it but to my surprise, I tried it yesterday and it was accepted, though it took several hours before Google could verify the payment. I’ve heard some bloggers claim that Google also accepts the UBA Africard (Visa Card) but I can’t say much about it because I don’t have the card for now.

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I Have My Visa and Master Cards. What Next?

==> Log in to Google Adwords and click on the “Billing” tab and set the “how you pay” settings to “Manual payments

==> Click on the “Make a Payment” button

==> Choose “Credit card” as your form of payment and enter your card details. The billing address must correspond with the address you used when applying for the card at your bank.

==> Specify the amount you want to pay and click on the review payment button

==> Click the “Make payment” button once you’ve reviewed the payment

==> Wait for confirmation from Google

==> If successful, your payment will reflect in your Adwords account balance and you can go ahead to create your ads. Advertising costs will be deducted from your balance as you accrue them.

That’s all.

You can read how I obtained my Zenith Visa Prepaid card here and also read how to get the UBA bank Africard (Visa card).

Do you advertise on Google? If Yes, which Nigerian cards do you use? If you have contributions or questions to ask, please, let me also hear from you via comments.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. You are a genius Jide. My GTB Naira MasterCard was also declined when I tried it some few months back. Will try it again and will be so glad if accepted this time around but is it not risky advertising a blog with Adsense on it?

  2. Nice one jide….been thinking about how to advertise my blog….since its … do you think the address is long, and must i remove my adsense codes from my blog b4 advertising it?

  3. plz, i want to buy from aliexpress online store, but unsure of the payment method to use. Which method is the best safest and acceptable means when dealing with aliexpress.

  4. Good Job from you boss Jide, I went to get UBA Africarde customer are not serious in my area here at Calabar. They told me that guy in charge of that is not around so I should come back. I went to another branch and they still refer back to the former one. One of them told me that I should just go for the UBA master card, he gist me about some limitation surrounding the Africard. According to him, he told me that transaction sometimes hang, and when this happen, it will take months before retification. AM confuse which one I should go for; GTB MasterCcard, UBA Africard or mastercard? Your Suggestion Mr. Jide.

  5. Great and informative info in here.
    UBA Africard is great in doing any of these but you need to activate your VERIFIED by VISA and take good note of your password to make any of your transactions online to go smoothly with instant notification and access to your card account online[WEBLOGIN] and GTB naira mastercard is good as well but ready to make gtconnect and GT cardservices to be your best friend and as well be equipped with their Internet Banking so as to be able to track your online transactions because you will be getting your cash hung in book balance or getting charged twice as I experienced these some two weeks ago but they are super-fast in rectifying your issue if you can mail them with your refund email from your merchant or double-charged image and many more.
    Be very careful as well of where you submit your card details as you need to make sure that you are seeing at least https:// at the address url of the payment page,SSL,golden padlock and other security notifications

    Lest I forget,never use any of your PayPal account operated from Nigeria to pay for Facebook advert as it is 90% sure that you will get your account limited.Okay?

    And before I forget this as it is common with all those merchants that are fond of requesting for your scanned copy of your card,only do send to them a scanned copy of which you must have erased the 1st 12 digits of your card

  6. i am using the visa africard with my online transactions and they have been accepting it well. i have run an adword campaign with my adsense blog and it is working well without problems. to me i don't see any risk in advertising your adsense blog with adwords. thanks

  7. Hi Jide, i love this post die, am planning to advertise a particular product on my blog using Google adword just as you have written. But how to i block ads on the landing page? Especially the long horizontal ad between the blog header and the blog body. Hope you digg? How do i block it on my landing page? Am checking back latter. Thanks

  8. Thanks Jide for this wonderful post, but i went to GTB yesterday to open a savings & dorm account bcuz of my google adsense cheque (and also the GTB card) but they told me i cant open any account with them becuz i dont have Drivers license, Int Passport and National ID … Any other means for me bro ??

  9. Good Post Jide… May i just drop some little contributions. Zenith bank itself gave some briefings on their Website at on how to get the Visa prepaid card. @ Jide. Sure, GTB's really stepping up their Internet banking facilities to accommodate all these daily necessity (especially for bloggers). Though i'm a loyal GTB Account holder but currently using the Zenith prepaid Card… Thanks to You.

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