Addynamo Twitter Service Paid Me $25 for Two Tweets

Making money online from Addynamo Twitter Sponsored Tweets is for real. So far, I have earned over $100 from tweeting for Addynamo and below is a screenshot showing my $25 earning from just two tweets.

Wondering How You Can Make Money As Addynamo Twitter Publisher?

Well, it’s easy. Log in to, go to My Account / Twitter to link your Twitter account to Ad Dynamo.

Whenever you receive email notification that a new campaign is waiting for your tweet, log in to your Addynamo account, draft a tweet, enter how much you want to charge for the tweet and pray the advertiser approves

Why Pray?

Just kidding…

Well, if the advertiser rejects your tweet after comparing the amount you charged and the number of your Twitter followers, you will not make any money and the tweet will not appear on your Twitter timeline. So, just know that the number of your Twitter followers and the amount you charge per tweet matters alot.

The two tweets that earned me $25 are for big companies and not some poor advertisers. I normally charge between $10 – $12 per tweet whenever I see a campaign from a big company in my Addynamo Twitter dashboard.

Atimes, I see some amendment offers in my dashboard from advertisers that want me to charge them as low as $0.5 per tweet. Whenever I see such, I click on the “decline” button to reject such tweet. Imagine, paying me less than a dollar to promote a tweet to thousands of my followers. Is that not crazy?

Let me hear from you via comments.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. I also got most of my tweets asking for ammendment offering $0.05 i use to decline them but i have never got my tweets accepted even with as low as $5 with over 20k twitter followers.

  2. @Jide,
    you make me laugh when you said you click the ' DECLINE' Button.
    Yes na, 'big soup na Money Make am. I Trust you, you never give chances at all, tanx soo much for this information I will try it too.

  3. I guess this post has successfully motivated me to take those paid tweet alerts seriously. I'll draft the tweet and pray for approval as advised 🙂 Great post

  4. I have drafted many tweets and yet no one accepts my drafts, or may be 600+ followers are too small for them. I'm following you on twitter jide, i would give you a mention for follow back.

  5. Bros tnx for dis buh me get different problem. I've had 45clicks on my web ad and not even 1naira earning. On my mobile ad I've had 15 clicks and my earning is writing something like dis "₦ 0.62". I dnt knw if it's dollar or naira. Help pls

  6. @ jide pls is it that you register with google adsense and addynamo for pay per click with this blog ( if so that means you earn money from google adsense and addynamo by pay per click.

  7. I keep seeing 0.34 or 0.75/click on my addynamo account. In a day i get abt 12clicks and the amount i see is so discouraging. Please is this amount in naira or dollars. If it's in naira, hehehe, i quit with race!!

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