What You Missed at 2012 BloggersLab Get-Together

The 2012 BloggersLab Get-Together took place at Ikeja, Lagos on the 29th of December. Though, I couldn’t make it to the event because of a brief illness but those that made it gained a lot and infact really inspired and fired up to make an astronomical mark, this 2013.

Peter Emu, the chief organizer of the event, shared some of the things that were discussed at the event with members of BloggersLab and have decided to share some with you right here, at OgbongeBlog.  Sit back as you read some excerpt from his post at BloggersLab.

Mr. Akinbode Keji – talked about how you can buy, and ship from the USA. He talked about the websites he uses, www.myus.com, (www.myamericanshipper.comwww.myamericanshopper.com) both offering the same services but the first is paid to register while the second is free but you will be required to register with you credit card and GTB Master Card is accepted.

He showed us an iPhone (I really loved that phone ooo) that he bought from Ebay, talked about why you should be careful in some instances buying from buyers without reputation and also the kind of problem you are going to encounter and how to solve them. ( I can’t really go into much details, pardon me).

Mr. Peter Peter Creativity-personified Emu, talked about how you can use BITNAMI to design your wordpress blog offline from your computer and how you can upload it to your server after designing it to your taste. He talked about how you can download the bitnami wordpress platform from www.bitnami.org and how you can install it in simple processes, entering your username and password, and then installing in a new folder you would create in your document on your pc.

He explained how you can log in to access your wordpress offline like you were online; how you can install themes, tweak and design it, install plugins, set everything up and how you can finally upload this to your webserver. He also walked them on how to use cPanel and how to create personalized email and how to check it also…

Mr. Shehu Awwal, was the guy who talked about how to add categories, and tags to your wordpress blog. The most useful plugin you can use, “post layout plugin” one that rocks and how to use it well.

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Mr Oladele Olayinka talked about traffic, how he started. How you should try as much as possible to write on things that you are passionate about, how to use google to research and how to ‘spy’ on those already there to see the posts they have made and how you can tweak it to beat them off the search engine radar (Mr. Amazing is this guy).

He talked about how he started with few page views and revealed a neat trick that boss Don Caprio and boss Jide Ogunsanya use alot…wow, that’s was awesome….(hahaha, i will tell you so you won’t hang me joor). How these blogging giants create tutorials from questions asked by numerous people at the same time, find them out and make tuts on them (that’s it, what more do you expect?!)

Mr. Richard bankz,  in our very presence changed Nigeria IP to a US IP and opened a US paypal account in our very presence right there and even promised to give out a free VBA (Virtual Bank Account) to only members who came not to you reading this right now….

Mr. Prince Elabor walked us through the process of sport-betting, showing us one website that is really really good at predicting matches but damn at $315/month but he created a similar site that would predict matches and instead of that whooping amount, you simply pay 10k and 5k for two weeks to try it out. Nice concepts.

And finally Mr. Deola Kayode, who revealed a mighty secret about how people are watching BloggersLab. How in the nearest future something big might come into this great country of ours (Nigeria) through BloggersLab and why we must stand together in oneness. Believe me, there is future for bloggers, just believe what I say.

Now, if you were not present at the event, don’t you think you missed alot?

NOTE: Mentioning Names is NOT EQUAL to endorsement. 

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Wow! Top notch. I have deleted my Fb account for personal reasons, if not, would have joined the group. Pls, keep us informed on this blog whenever another event like this wants to take place. Thanks

  2. hello oga Jide i missed ooo. Though dt day was my birthday.. But you know am in calabar… And i didn.t travel… Hope we can make bloggerslab go regional across d country with meetings every month. Just an idea

  3. I think facebook hav been really great in 2012, they introduced so many features and they are really planning to introduce their own search engine, that is some things that was missed in 2012

  4. Ride on with the good work Jide. You are worth emulating and to say the truth, I've gained a lot from you. As for BloggersLab, I'm already a member and I believe something good is already coming out of BloggersLab.

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