Wow! 1000 Blog Posts Published So Far

While playing around my Blogger dashboard yesterday, I was stunned when I noticed that I have published 1000 blog posts so far to my blog. If my blog is all about breaking news, gossips or entertainment gists, I won’t be surprised but considering how difficult it is to come up with blog posts in the niche I find myself, I think I have done well so far. It’s not easy at all.

It all started far back in September 2008, though became more serious with the blog in 2011. If you take a look at the archive page, you will see clearly that I was able to publish just 60 posts in 2 years i.e 2008 and 2009. In 2010, I published 156 blog posts and that was the year I received my first Google Adsense check. Imagine, receiving $133 check two years after I started blogging. Guess you would have abandoned the blog..isn’t it? Well, am now thankful to God that I didn’t.

If you are wondering why I didn’t give up, well it’s simply because I knew it will take time to make money from Adsense, so I focused on info-marketing when I started. I created one free eBook like that and in the free eBook, I made it clear to the readers that they will have to pay N1, 000 for the extra info needed to get started with the business I talked about in the free eBook  The money I was making from the sales of the info product kept me going and when Adsense check came along the line, I was gingered the more. I am still making money from the info product till this very moment.

June 2010 is a month I will hardly forget because it was the month Google issued my first Adsense check and also the month I was employed by the great company am currently working with. The check really boosted my morale and if you check the trend via my blog archive page, you will notice that the number of posts I publish monthly started increasing from that month.

I kept on posting to my blog without looking back. I stopped the first check issued by Google and the money was returned back to my Adsense account. In fact  I put my Adsense payments on hold till March 2011, when all my total earnings amounted to USD $3,109.39. I received the fat check and I was on top of the world when the money cleared into my GTB dorm account. If you check the archive page, you will notice have not been relenting at all from that moment.

Well, my blog is now big and growing bigger as each day passes by. I don’t do “Copy and Paste. If I use someones article in my post, I make sure I mention the person or blog as source in my post. Most of my traffic are from the search engines and am now using the blog to make money online in different ways apart from Google Adsense.

I hope you are able to learn one or two things from my experience. I won’t mind hearing from you via comments. If you can guess how much have earned so far from Adsense, you can also let me hear from you.


Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Guy, you tried ooo. 2 years without check? I no fit ooo. Waiting for my adsense pin for verification is even pissing me off now talkless of no check for 2 years. You are really Ogbonge oo.

    • That's one of the challenges. Don't let it piss you off bro. You will definitely get the pin someday and if you don't get it, Google will allow you to verify your account using your ID card.

  2. you have come a long way bros J, pple like u gives us hope on blogging, ur post is so encouraging and motivating. i know u must have made thousands of $$$$ from adsense. one day i will be like you

  3. Fantastic! You are really working hard and not like those lazy bloggers everywhere these days that keep posting silly gossips here and there but how do you cope with blogging and your job? Is it not too stressful for you?

  4. My guess, you would have made $20,000 – $30,000 till date.

    With the way Google now bans/disable people's accounts, do you think is wise to still put like $3,000 on hold? Your comment is needed.

  5. Welldone bro! You deserve all the dollars earning from your blog. You are my best coach. When i look up to you, i see the reason why i should keep up the faith. You made me to love blogging and to own one as an asset. I will never forget the day i saw you face to face in Makurdi. God bless you

  6. Hmmm… Great Job man! I always work hard to become a Blogger like you. I love your Blog, your content and the way you deliver your posts. Although, am not a pro blogger, but I always pray and work towards that everyday.

    Since 2008, I have been following your blog up till today and it has really changed me. I have learnt alot from your blog. And through blogging, I have got know many things which I didn't know in the past.

    Jide Ogunsanya, thank for Blogging.

  7. It is because of you that i started this blogging business..indeed your blog is a motivational base.i trully admire your consistency and sacrifice. Hope to meet you at the very top of this noble profession. Thanks boss

  8. Congratulations bro. Though i started blogging in the late 2010, my current blog which is now 13 months old have generated a lot for me and I'm expecting my first cheque by next month. Without your help, i would have not reached this stage. Thanks 😀

  9. Congrats Jide!

    I can certainly relate with your story, not easing sticking it out in those early years when it might all seem like a waste of time. Like i usually advice young naijapreneurs, business is not a sprint race, but a marathon –it takes time to grow just like every child does!

  10. I opened my first blog 2009, followed by the third 2010 and the fourth 2011. Although then i never got a domain name, it was on a free domain i created all. In the middle of the year 2012 i launched my main blog and 5 months after i luanched it, i started making like 42,000 naira and above. Although i almost dumped it after i made like 10 euros in 4 months. Never knew that after the 4 month i was going to step into my month of 200 euros and above. I just thank God

  11. This is your friend, Eniola of Wazobiablog… The way my blog is going too… just like yours also. You know you helped customized it for me in 2011 and I shall be receiving my first check from that blog before june the way am seeing things… Kudos to you my Jide.

  12. More question Oga Jide. I just learnt some people make cool $$,$$$ online with Google Maps. Abeg for God's sake, Teach us how to do this o. No job for Naija again o.

  13. I really enjoyed this article as it fits perfectly my situation. however in my case was slightly different because i did not know how to use google adsense properly,,,and that happened due to the procrastination:)
    Cheers and good luck with blogging!

  14. Thanks for the encouragement Jide. It also got to a stage that I was discouraged about all these Google adsense and blogging stuffs but I must mention here that your blog posts have been giving me hope. This particular one has really fired me up. Keep up the good work. God bless you and empower you to do more.

  15. Oga Jide, I have a question o. I use Adsense on my blog and I normally make like $5 per day but in January, its sad to say that I only made $5 in a whole month of January! I didn't do any changes to my blog. Do you have an idea of what might have happened?

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