Wow! Received My First Chitika Payment in My Paypal Account

While playing Konami Soccer game on my iPad, an email notification popped in on the screen and guess what? It is payment alert, informing me that chitika sent some money into my paypal account.

Though, it’s so small compared to what I earn from Adsense but I was so happy when I saw the alert because it’s my first payment from Chitika. More so,  I have been wondering if their system will be able to pay into my USA verified paypal account or I will have to wait for months to get my check via airmail.

It all started around Christmas, last year when I decided to monetize my blog with good alternatives to Google Adsense apart from Ad dynamo. I decided to try Chitika because it can be used on the same blog, with Google Adsense. So, I  added Chitika ad codes to my blog and Chitika ads stated displaying directly below the posts on my blog.

The earnings from Chitika was so poor for over one week of integrating it into my blog. I was considering removing it from my blog when Google Adsense disabled ad serving to my blog for format mimicking.  This forced me to remove Chitika ads and some other third-party ads from my blog before appealing to Google Adsense.

After waiting for few days without any reply from the Adsense team, I decided to re-add the chitika ads to my blog, but manually below just five of the most popular posts on my blog. I ensured that the five posts are posts that attract international traffic to my blog via the search engines. Guess what?  My Chitika earnings skyrocketed to an average of $25 daily as seen in the screenshot below.

Fortunately for me, Adsense restored ad serving to my blog few days after adding Chitika ads below the five popular posts but my Chitika earnings dropped drastically immediately the Adsense ads started displaying on my blog as seen in the screenshot above. I didn’t bother myself about it though, because I prefer Adsense to the Chitika.

Within the few days without Adsense on my blog, I was able to earn more than the Chitika threshold. Hence, I was qualified to receive my earnings during the next payout. Looking closely at the screenshot above, those  three days I earned $25, $26, $26 were the days without Adsense. How I wish have added the Chitika ads immediately Google disabled ad serving to my blog. Guess, I would have earned more than this. smiles**

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I reached my threshold before the end of January but received my payment on the last day of February. So, I have to wait for a month to receive my Chitika payment into my Paypal account. If I opted in for check payment, only God knows when the Chitika check will reach Nigeria after been processed on the last day of February. Probably, by April.

Now that I have received my money from Chitika, I will add Chitika ads directly below all my blog posts. If the earnings make sense in the long run, without really affecting my Adsense earnings, I will keep the Chitika ads on my blog, or else, I will limit it to the popular posts.

Any comment?

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Wow! am so happy for you Jide but why choose Paypal over Check payment? I also want to try Chitika but I don't have paypal account.

  2. $75 within 3 days is not bad at all bro. I once used chitika but have removed from my blog because it was not making sense at all. any tips for your boy?

    • If you are getting decent international traffic (US/canada) from the search engines, you will be making money from chitika. Just ensure the chitika ads are placed directly below your posts.

  3. nice work u doing here especially for no fee @ all its wonderful and wi want u to kip it up and pray almighty God rewards u abundantly……here the question ow do i get a paypal account

  4. I've tried getting paid by Chitika using the check option but the check has never reached me. Since paypal doesn't work in Nigeria, how do you get to withdraw your payment?

    • May be the address you provided is not traceable. Contact chitika to inform them that you are yet to receive your check. You mean how I will withdraw my money from my paypal account?

    • Yes, I mean how you would normally withdraw from paypal if you eventually get paid. My address for the check is correct but perhaps it got stolen from Nipost or was never sent. They still owe me $400+

  5. Shoutout to Jide you deserve even more#respect, i want to ask a simple question, Is the any future for newbie news bloggers like me? Or should i switch to another niche, that i can earn good a few years?.

  6. Hi Jide, this is a great post involving google adsense and chitika. In my opinion the most important thing about making money with adsense or chitika is CONTENT. Thanks for sharing !

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