Paypal Wants To Call Me Before I Send Money. What Should I Do?

Ad Dynamo and Chitika are websites I am currently using to make money into my Paypal account. Yesterday, I couldn’t send my Paypal money to a friend despite the fact that my account is a verified USA account, though his own account is not a USA account.

We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right now” was the error message that was displayed on the screen everytime I tried sending the money to him.

When I tried sending the money to another friend who also owns a verified USA Paypal account, the error message didn’t appear but Paypal requested to call me to verify the phone number in my Paypal profile.

At this point, I knew I will not be able to complete the transaction because Paypal can never reach me on that phone number. I logged out without verifying the phone number and went straight to google how I can bypass the Paypal phone verification process.

After reading through series of forum and blog posts, I decided to get a USA phone number through which Paypal can reach me. I got the phone number for $18 (for 3 months) and ensured the area code matches the street address in my Paypal profile.

Today, I decided to use my second USA Paypal account (unverified) in sending $5 to the friend’s account and fortunately, the error didn’t come up.

I tried my verified Paypal account again and still didn’t work. At this point, I suspected that it might just be my verified account that couldn’t send money to the friend’s account for reasons best known to Paypal.

So, I decided to transfer the money to my friend B, who also owns a verified US Paypal account and the fund was successfully transferred to him though, Paypal first asked me to enter the full bank account number I used in verifying the account.

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Friend B has already verified the mobile number in his Paypal account and he was able to successfully send the money to my friend who couldn’t receive directly from me.

This is how I was able to transfer my Paypal money without allowing Paypal to call me. Nevertheless, I will still add the US phone number I purchased to my profile to avoid Paypal limiting my account.

Have you experienced similar problem? Kindly use the comment form below to share how you were able to resolve it.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. I have experienced such before. I added a friend's US phone number and allowed paypal to call her. She sent the code paypal gave her to me and I entered it in my Paypal account and the phone verification was successful.

  2. Na wa oo. Paypal and their wahala. That means I have to start preparing to get a reachable US phone number too. Thx for sharing this bro.

  3. With a US functional phone number you can receive paypal call and verify your account, but make sure your IP is US based. and bro ogbonge i noticed their is no adsense ads on your blog recently, hope no probs or are you migrating fully to chikita? just curious..

  4. Thanks for this wonderful has to be careful with this paypal stuff.this is a must read for all paypal account owners so that they don't face the same issue like this and if they do, this article will provide solution to the problem.
    Please bro where can I get this US phone number.
    Thanks again for sharing this.

  5. Oga Jide, I operate paypal too well… if you have Android or Iphone… Download Magic-jark Software, It comes with a free US number.. Activate it and run it… you will be given a free us number that you can use to receive the call.

    After that, you will easily receive the call and make the transfer in a minute.

    Powered by:

  6. Nice post. Adsense is good but, jide why don't you start a membership site where you can teach complete step by step on how to setup and monetize a blog here in nigeria.(a very good niche….for my mind)

  7. Great post. I always knew there will be a way of going round the paypal verification BAMAKO.

    Thanks a million for sharing this. This is one less thing to worry about with respect to using Paypal for business.

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