How To Make Adsense Show After Posts On Blogger Mobile View

Earlier, I shared a tutorial on how to add Adsense ad below post titles on Blogger mobile templates. In this tutorial, I am sharing with you, how to add Adsense ads after each blog post on the mobile view of your Blogspot blog.

Readers of your blog posts are more likely to click on ads after reading
your post. Hence, I recommend you add an ad unit right after each post.

Ads added below each post on the desktop view of your Blogger blog won’t
show by default on the mobile view. You have to enable “custom” mobile
template and add the ad code to the HTML of the Blogger mobile template.

Below is a 300×250 Adsense ad showing after my blog post on the mobile view of  OgbongeBlog:

Adsense under blog post

Let’s get started 

==> Log in to to generate the Adsense code for the ad unit you want to add to the mobile view. eg 300×250 Medium Rectangle ad size.

Now, we need to parse the ad code.

==> Go to
==> Copy and paste your ad code inside the box and click the “Encode” button
==> Copy and paste the code somewhere eg in a notepad

==> Ensure you have enabled CUSTOM Blogger mobile template. If not sure, login to your Blogger dashboard, go to “Template“. Under “Mobile“, select “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices” and choose “Custom” from the “choose mobile template” dropdown box and save your settings.

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==> Now, we need to find the code for the Blogger Mobile Template Post title so we can place the Adsense code directly below it.

==> So, back up your template and go to “Template” > “Edit HTML

==> Click inside the HTML and use CTRL F to find the code below:

<b:if cond=’data:top.showMobileShare’>

==> Directly above it, paste the parsed Adsense code.

Save your template.

View one of your blog
posts on mobile view using default browser of your mobile device (NOT
Opera Mini) and you should see the ad after each blog post on POST pages
(Not on the homepage).

NBYou can place any ad code there be it AdDynamo, Infolink, ad etc If you also want to add share buttons to your Blogger mobile template, you can also paste the codes of the buttons there.

You can access the mobile view of your Blogger post on PC by adding ?m=1 at the end of the post URL.

Try it and let me know if it works for you.

PLEASE, Share this with your friends.

Questions? Contributions? Kindly relay them via comments.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. This so cool. I now understand how I can add anything after my blog posts. Will add my addynamo ad there since Adsense dont want to approve me. You are the best boss.

  2. Thanks boss jide.
    I have been looking for how to enable adsense on my mobile view and seems like you have given me the best tips.

    No need for wasting cash on mobstac…
    But bro jide, Is it still possible for mobile 'yes' coding to also apply adsense on mobile view??

  3. Hmmmnnn… It worked like charm, maybe you've encoded some juju in the – cuz it started working immediately, at-least even if Google Ads is still not showing on Opera mini. I will still get Ads view and clicks via default mobile browser. Thanks Bro

  4. Thanks for this tips Oga jide..I have 2 AdSense ad on the mobile view of my blog( up and bottom) plz can I still use this tips to place addynamo ads on mobile view without getting my AdSense disabled..?

  5. Hi enabling custom blogger templates gives ?m=1 duplicate title tags. Could appreciate some advise on resolving this issue.

  6. Thanks for this. It worked for me. Even making more sense now that it works on Opera Mini.

    I got one issue though. After adding the ad code, I decided to add a share button below the ad. I added it below the ad but it showed above it. I added it above the ad and it still remained above. I even added the share button a little bit far from the ad but it still showed above. Any help pls?

  7. Thanks. But I am using an unresponsive blogger template. So i have selected blogger mobile default version. Can i add adsense on this default mobile version? Please reply me and help me.

  8. Can you please tell me how to show same adsense code below post in blogger both in mobile and desktop view? as the trick you have written above allow showing adsense in blogger mobile only not in desktop view….

  9. It's so important to monetize mobile visitors. Because statistics show that most of visitors are now browse by smartphone. My site's 60% visitors comes from mobile device. After monetize my mobile site with adsense. my earning is increasing gradually. Thanks for the tutorial

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