Receiving Payment by Amazon Gift Card From Non-Nigerians

Few days back,a non-Nigerian internet marketer contacted me for an advert slot on my blog. He offered to pay me via PayPal but I replied him that I’m currently having some problem with my PayPal account.

He agreed to send the funds to me if I can come up with an alternative to Paypal. While thinking about the easiest way I can receive money from a non-Nigerian, Amazon Gift Cards came to my mind. I mailed him that he can use his money to buy a gift card for me at I also sent him a link on how to buy the gift card.

This morning while checking my mail, I received a notification from to redeem a gift card. I followed the link to redeem the gift card and the dollar amount on the gift card was successfully added to my account.

gift card balance

I can use the fund when next I want to shop on and ship to Nigeria. The balance will never expire. I can also use it to buy Amazon Gift card too.

So, when next a non-Nigerian wants to pay you, you can tell him or her to buy Amazon gift card for you. It’s better than accepting Paypal funds which might get trapped in your PayPal account or that of your friend, if it gets limited.

If you know other ways of receiving payments from non-Nigerians, please share them via comments.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Does Amazon accept Nigerian cards or how can one add to the funds if one wants to buy something at amazon that costs more than the card balance?

  2. Lovely post Jide. I have been using Amazon gift cards for sometime. It's a great way of accepting virtual payments especially as PayPal is acting up. I only use the funds to buy books and Cd's, and the company ships to Nigeria.

    While writing the comment, I realized there are a couple of 3rd-party system that actually do act as a middle man to buy products from Amazon and ship to Nigeria. What I do not know is if the use Amazon Gift Cards is an authorized means of payment.

    Eitherway, like you said and for which I agree, this should a better option for anyone who PayPal's action continue to narrow their earning capacity.

    • Amazon will automatically apply your card balance when you checkout. Those 3rd-party systems are only there to receive the orders on your behalf over there in USA before shipping the orders to Nigeria.

  3. Hi Jide, nice info you have here. I think Payoneer can also do the job. With Payoneer you can easily receive payment especially from folks in the US and beyond.

    Thumbs up for the article bro…

    • True but in case of emergency when you don't have Payoneer card, you can just go for this option instead of telling the client to wait for you while you process the payoneer card 🙂

  4. Thanks….but just to ask.. I live and work in Duabi. I never use this paypal before. Really, doest it affect people in Nigeria alone or all Nigerian nationalities even in a place like UAE where i stay? Pls, shed light on this…thanks…Busari Taoreed, Dubai,UAE…

  5. So, with Amazon gift card it means I can order anything from amazon without using any third party in USA again? If that is the case, I have been doomed by the so called myus. com. they keep deducting 2,500 every 15 days for lateness of paying them the money they used in ordering your goods.

    • The card is just a means of payment. You will still need a shipping coy to receive your order from Amazon and help you ship it down to Nigeria. Why shop when you are not ready to ship it? That's waste of money bro

  6. Plz after redeeming my gift card, how can I get it into my Nigerian bank account from my amazon account?

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