Can I Receive Adsense Payment With Naira Savings Account?

After publishing how to add GTBank Swift code and account details to Google Adsense payment page, I’ve been receiving some mails and phone calls from some Adsense publishers who just want to confirm if they can also receive their payments using their Naira-denominated Savings account.

Well, according to some comments on a thread at BloggersLab today, you can receive your Adsense money directly into your savings account without using dorm account. It is not compulsory you enter a domiciliary bank account via Adsense payment settings..

If you look closely at the screenshot below, you will see that +Aseize Okaztle confirmed that he received his payment (Naira equivalent) directly into his Savings account.


All you just need to do is to enter your Savings bank account details, the bank name and the bank SWIFT-BIC code as explained in this tutorial.

I recommend you use GTBank account though. Their are some banks that will be asking you stupid questions when you request for their SWIFT-BIC code and might give you a wrong code.

Remember, SWIFT-BIC code of GTBank is GTBINGLA.

Have you receive yours via a Nigerian Savings bank account?

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. I added my Diamond bank account details but no payment yet because have not earned up to $100. Will try and open GTB acct though. Thanks for this grt info.

    • Hi, do google verify your address and text your bank account, I have an adsense account with UK address but my content are always generated in Nigeria which my business is registered to, now I want to close my current adsense account before I register a new one with Nigeria address, am wondering what the registration process looks like.

  2. Nice one Jide..
    Will be expecting mine from next month cos i didnt reach payout this month. Just less than 5 dolls.

    Dunno if they would pay to my EcoBank Savings account. Till then, I am gonna Let you know.

    Once again, Nice info you have here.

  3. Good to hear that Bro. But it's still better to receive one's Adsense earning via Domiciliary Account because the money will be paid in dollars and you can change the money from money exchangers at far better rate compared to the Bank's rate for $1. For example, if you receive $100 directly into your Savings account, you might just be credited #15800 by your Bank while you can withdraw the $100 and change it to #17300 from exchangers @ #173 per $ instead of Bank's #158 per $. Hope it helps !!!

    • Your analysis is cool but the stress of getting a dorm account can be discouraging + the stress of having to go to the bank to withdraw dollars before finding someone that will be interested in exchanging it for Naira.

    • Yes, you are also right bro. Maybe that's only working for me because I already have a Dom Account and I already have one Aboki Guy I deal with whenever I need to do any Foreign Currency Transaction and the Aboki no dey fall my hand ooh. **winks**

  4. Google is making lot of sense dis days. I just pray naija guys will not abuse dis privileged cus the way at which people seek Adsense increases drastically. Boss gba

  5. i dont think they pay directly to naira account gtbank to be specific cis i earned more than $500 on and the mail was sent to me that the money was paid and i'm yet to receive the alert i called the gtbank customer care and they said u cant receive dollars in a naira account now my problem is where is the money and how do i collect it now

    • Walk in to the bank instead of calling customer care or send them a mail. Some customer care agents are dumb. If they fail to process the payment and the money didn't reflect in your Adsense acct balance, you can report it to Adsense

  6. Please this is not working for me. My bank just called that they cant credit my gtb naira account. They requested I open a dom account or the money Google sent will be returned 2Moro(30-12-2014). Pls someone help me out. And wat happens when adsense money is returned?

  7. i have receive payment direct into my diamond bank saving account on how to check my link.

  8. Google sent my first ever AdSense earning yesterday, $107 and I've not heard anything from GTBank o…. Pls how long does it take for the money to enter?

  9. i’m confused oooo…went to GTBank to confirm whether or not if i can recieve foreign payments through my naira savings account, buh they said i can’t.That i should open dorm account….really need some help oo

  10. please i heard i still need to verify my bank account by google send a small amount of money into the account…..please do we do that using naira savings account?? since they won’t pay in dollars ??

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