How Long Does Adsense Wire Transfer Reflects In Bank Accounts?

Yesterday, I informed you that I have successful received my first Adsense wire transfer payment directly into my Nigerian GTBank dorm account. Many bloggers have also confirmed to have received theirs too but some are still waiting for their payment to reflect in their bank accounts.

This now makes some bloggers to wonder how long it normally takes Adsense wire transfer payment to reflect in bank account after Google pays it.

Google Adsense

Well, I stumbled on an announcement on Google Product Forums regarding March 2014 payment schedule. Below is a quote from the thread:

For publishers using an electronic form of payment this month, I wanted
to share with you information about this month’s payment timeline so
that you can better anticipate when your payment may arrive.

During most months, we typically begin initiating normal monthly
scheduled payments at approximately midnight GMT on the 22nd calendar
day of each month and send the instructions to our bank later that day. 
Due to this date falling on a weekend this month and to align with bank
business days, we will begin initiating March regularly scheduled
payments later this weekend for accounts with no payment holds and a
balance exceeding the minimum payment threshold.  We expect our bank to
receive and begin processing your payment instructions around mid-day
(GMT) on Monday, 24 March.  For EFT or wire transfer payments, the
payment clearing processes in various locations may take three or more additional banking days before you receive the funds in your bank account.

Most electronic payments arrive in your bank account prior to month-end,
and you may receive your payment much sooner than this, but please
allow adequate time for your payment to arrive before becoming concerned
with or inquiring about the status of an electronic payment.  We
usually have no way to obtain additional information regarding an
electronic payment during this time period.  Payments initiated over
weekends and/or holidays always take more time to arrive when compared
to other months, so please anticipate that additional time will be needed when payments are processed over non-banking days.

When the “payment in progress” line appears, this indicates that we’re
preparing and sending your payment to our bank.  When this changes to
payment initiated” or a link to a payment receipt, this means that our
bank accepted the payment and forwarded for processing.  The time
required for us to receive this acceptance confirmation from our bank
varies by payment location, so do not be alarmed if this update takes
longer to appear for your account than is reported by others on the
forum.  (For some locations, we receive this within hours of sending
payment instructions, while other locations such as the U.K. require
multiple days before we receive this response from our bank.)  Allow
additional days after our bank accepts the payment for it to traverse
individual country clearing systems and arrives in your bank account.

Thanks for your patience, and have a great weekend!

The Google AdSense Team

From the announcement above, I can deduce that after Adsense initiates your payment on the 22nd of the month, it can take up to 5 days for some banks to process the transfer into your bank account, and you may receive your payment much sooner than this.

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Funds sent by wire transfer will usually arrive at your bank within three business days. Once your bank receives the funds,there may be a delay before the funds are available in your account. For a more specific disbursement timeline, please contact your bank.

If it’s been at least three business days since Google sent your wire transfer, you may need to contact your bank to confirm the payment. If your bank has not received the payment within 10 business days, please contact AdSense Support.

How soon do you receive your Adsense payment directly into your bank account?

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. It is interesting to also know that GTBank savings account can be used to get the Adsense earnings. Good news to Nigerian legit bloggers, while some bad guys will be working round the clock to discover how to abuse it.
    Nigeria Gossip News

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