The Truth About GNLD Marketing Vacancies on Job Sites In Nigeria

I saw this on Nairaland and decided to share it with you. Read carefully and share with friends.

Wellness homes claims to be a health maintenance organisation but they  are just a distributor of a foreign company known as GNLD.  Wellness homes has many subsidiaries such as bloomnet, healthstream alliance and keylinks golgen concept, Accent Hills (Now in Akure) Etc.

Mind you, they are not fraudsters. But just that they are not open. They won’t tell you the truth until you are in. Wellness homes which is located on 9 oremeji street, isolo Lagos claims to be a health maintenance organisation and they advertise fake jobs on Nigerian job portals.

They claim to be in search graduates to work as business development executives, client relations officers, admin officers etc.  They advertise these fake jobs on jobsites and after you have applied, they send you text message inviting you for an interview at no 9 oremeji street, isolo, lagos or at any of their branches.  Notice that the text message arrives late on the day before the interview.  This is done in order for you not to be able to verify the address.  Just type 9 oremeji street in google and you will find many stories about it.

On arrival at the interview, graduates that have traveled from distant parts of Nigeria in the hope that a genuine company wants to interview them for a job discover that is not the case.  Wellness homes and its subsidiaries are just distributors of supplements.

In Nigeria today, the demand for supplements is low and the people at wellness homes know this but they have to sell their products.  And what better way to sell their products than to lure unsuspecting jobseekers into purchasing their products.  That is the truth about wellness homes, they are wholesalers and they want you to buy their products.  They are the sellers and you are the buyer.

In my professional opinion I won’t advice you to purchase the supplements because there is no demand for it.  The people at wellness homes know this, if the demand is there why cant they sell it themselves and keep the profits for themselves.

Wellness homes charge jobseekers =N= 8500 for training to become a nutritionist, but again the market is not there for nutritionists.  In my professional opinion I won’t advice you to pay the training fee of =N=8500.  It is after you have paid the training fee of =N=8500 that they inform you that they are distributors and that you have to buy their supplements.  The minimum you can buy is around =N=30,000 worth of supplements.  If you sell this =N=30,000 worth of supplements you will make around =N=48,000 as revenue giving you a profit of =N=18,000.  But the demand is not there and you may end up not selling the supplements for months or years.

The issue with wellness homes is that they are not operating illegally, all they do is to deceive jobseekers into paying =N=8500 for training and into buying their products.  Because they are not operating illegally, you can’t file a lawsuit against them or call the police.  But what you can do is to demand a refund of your =N=8500 training fee because they did not inform you that you have to buy their supplements.

If they refuse to refund your training fee, then you can sue them or call the police.  =N=8500 may seem like small money but if 1000 jobseekers don’t ask for a refund the amount they make from unsuspecting jobseekers is =N=8,500,000.  Also, if 1000 jobseekers purchase =N=30,000 worth of supplements, the amount they make from unsuspecting jobseekers is =N=30,000,000 worth of supplements.

The more products unsuspecting jobseekers buy from them, the more profits they make as wholesalers plus the foreign company known as GNLD pays them more commission and gives them travel benefits.  Please be informed that this travel benefit is only for the few top bosses of wellness homes.  But they trick you into believing that you can also become one of the top bosses by selling more supplements.

The fact is that you will never sell enough supplements because the market is not there.  But wellness homes have their market, you are their market.  They are more or less dumping the supplements on you.  My advice to you is to ask for a refund of your training fee and get out.

Wellness homes also claim to test people with a machine known as the quantum resonance body analyzer.  They claim that this device can test 30 internal organs of the body, but is that so? In my professional opinion, in order to test internal organs of the body, you need to take not only one blood test but a series of blood and sample tests so how can a mechanical device test the functioning of your internal organs without blood or sample tests.

Also, there is not enough information on the Chinese made quantum machine by western scientists.  If the machine is truly genuine then more information will be available to everyone.  In my professional opinion it is not possible to test the functioning of internal organs without blood or sample tests.=

Wellness homes lure unsuspecting jobseekers into paying the training fee and in to buying their products by informing the jobseekers that wellness homes will provide them with the quantum machine in order to carry out tests on Nigerians at a price of around =N= 4000 per test.  They in form the jobseekers that the jobseekers can test over 100 people per day resulting in a revenue of =N= 400,000 per day.

They claim to pay jobseekers all of the revenue made form the quantum tests.  But why are they so generous? If the test is truly genuine why can’t they carry out the test themselves and keep the profits for themselves.  They do this to lure jobseekers into paying the =N=8500 training fee.  I don’t know whether or not they carry out the quantum test on Nigerians or not but in my professional opinion it is not possible for mechanical device to test the functioning of internal body organs.  You might as well test your internal organs with a boiling ring or a gas cooker as far as I am concerned.

The main trick jobseekers fall for is the lie that you can make =N=4000 per test.  I am sure that Nigerians are not silly and they will rather go to a public hospital for a blood and sample test than to spend =N=4000 on a phantom machine.  You may have read blogs about people claiming to make lots of money from quantum tests but it is probably the people at wellness homes that that put the message on the blog in order to deceive jobseekers.

My advice to jobseekers is to demand a refund a refund of their training fee.  But again if you believe that you can sell their products, it is up to you.  But the truth is that the market is not there but wellness homes have their market, you are their market.  Wellness homes don’t offer jobs, they are just wholesalers of products that nobody wants to buy.  My advice to jobseekers is to google the addresses of the interview before you go for the interview.  For your information 9 oremeji street, isolo is a bungalow located in a residential neighborhood and there is no signboard on the building.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. This information, my dear Jide, while welcomed, will be taken with a pinch of salt – personally. This is because, the poster seems bitter and has lost objectivity.

    While the warning about the company may sound genuine, it is not in his capacity to analyze what really goes on within the company (since he is not privy to it).

    When he mentions the projected profits of the company (running well into millions) and the fact that if their offers are so good, why don't they sell themselves, I become a little wary – it is just like saying 'why don't the Chinese come and sell Techno phones in Nigeria themselves?' since the phones sell in Nigeria like hot cakes!

    Finally, the poster has not told us what sort of professional he is but doubts the authenticity of a body testing machine…could it be that he has failed to keep up with technology?

    Jide, something isn't right here – especially as almost all the "no. 9, Oremeji street" (when typed in Google) point majorly to Nairaland. And please, don't get me wrong – this fellow may be right – but he has failed to convince us.

    A final word? Anyone interested in the company should conduct independent research (with the tips he mentioned as reference points)


    • Arrant nonsense. What independent research? You see the truth about this funking GNLD and you are still talking about somebody convincing you.
      My candid advice, go and enroll as one of their so called distributor then you come back and tell us what you discovered.

  2. @ Jide , While i may not support the deceptive traits of Wellness Homes and her supporters, there are lots of things the poster painfully got wrong.

    Yes, the truth be told, selling training fee forms for N8,500 to Job seekers who are not properly informed is nothing but a BIG scam!

    Same time, that does not mean the Wellness Industry Profession is not a lucrative one.

    The wrong assertion that Nigerians don't have demand for nutritional supplements is like you saying, Nigerians love to die of Ignorance that kills unconditionally than to know the truth about their health.

    Today Accidents kill 4% of us. Diseases kill 96%. Each of the diseases that kill us are "naturally" preventable. Not medically curable – but preventable. –

    Yes, Wellness Homes and their group can be very unprofessional in their effort to connect with people who need to properly understand how to do the business,

    However, if you are fortunate enough to be part of the right mentoring group, where you are taught attraction marketing strategies, then you will enjoy the business far better than when you trade time for money, spending 30-50 years in the rat race on a fixed income, where you are over used and over stressed…

    and where you Boss is ready to make your life a living hell on earth all because you are paid SALARY!

    My final words:

    What humans don't understand, they have a tendency to ridicule or criticize it.

    The existence of fake Naira notes is a proof there exist an original.

    The existence of fake people in the business is an indication that there are legal and original people doing the business!

    To succeed in business, you CAN NOT learn from failures. All you need is empty yourself and learn from those successful in the business.

    I belong to a group where we mentor youths to success. Where we help those working to prepare for early retirement.

    FREEDOM is by choice!

    I am Seun Banjo, i am not a member of Wellness Homes, nor a member of GNLD.

    i am the brain behind

    We help business minded friends earn from 158 countries running our professional business from Home.

    Yes, we teach you how to be successful running an Homebased business right from the comfort of your home.

    BE FREE!

  3. I was waiting for so long for this post to be discussed? I've came across this GNLD two time & if not because of my 'chi', they would have deduct 8500 from my account..
    I don't want to know whether they are true or not.. But i can never recomment them to someone cos they aren't straightforward

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