Introducing Chidinma Inspirations Blog

Hello Guys!

Today, I’m introducing to you, Chidinma Inspirations Blog

It is an inspiration blog managed by a female Nigerian blogger :  +Chidinma Inspirations

It is a blog that inspires you and I about life, fashion, lifestyle, discoveries about the world at large and so much more!

In terms of inspiration about life- It inspires you and I about everything life entails. Be it in terms of career, relationships, dating, academics, motivation…inspiration as a whole really. Because the truth is, no matter how strong we think we are, deep down, we all need inspiration to make everything really worth living and fighting for. Cos you just never know whose life will be touched and changed by it.

In  terms of Fashion – the blog publishes posts about men and women’s fashion. It is a blog that explores the fashion world in order to inspire women to look and feel beautiful and men to dress, look and feel like kings that they are. This is aimed at boosting the confidence and self esteem of people. To make people know and understand that they are worthy, that they are beautiful, that they are kings. It teaches people how to carry themselves with confidence.

Blogger Chidinma

For Lifestyle – the blog inspires you and I to look and feel healthy. There are in-expensive things we need to do that will prevent us from regularly visiting the hospital. In the blog, Chidinma talks about those things. The blog also breaks down the importance and benefits of certain foods in our body and the effects of certain foods that we consume and know nothing about. It even inspires men and women on a step by step guide on how to prepare food rather than always eating out, which is pretty expensive.

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For Discoveries- There are many things that God has created that we do not know one quarter of. Fascinating right? At the blog, you get to explore the awesome and amazing things that God has created which will inspire us to really love and appreciate the beauty in God’s creations.

One amazing thing about the blog is that every Friday, it gives people the opportunity to inspire others. Be it in form of music, picture, write-up, song or movie amongst others. That is, they get to share what have inspired them, that they believe will inspire others too by sharing it with the world. 

I really hope that as you visit the blog, you get inspired and together, we will inspire one another.

You can visit the blog now at –

To contact Chidinma, you can get her contact details from her blog.

What’s your take on this?

Do you know other blogs similar to Chidinma Inspirations Blog?

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. As much as this is a fantastic idea, I will say its too wide a niche for her to effectively manage (and I say this by experience).
    Chidinma, how about niching it down to something you're more familiar with in the aforementioned?
    For instance, Ogbonge blog is solely a tech blog. There are other sites I could as well mention that are solely on fashion, health (men & women), grooming, etc.
    NB. I'm not saying its not workable, but for people to easily resonate with your brand (blog in this case), they need to know exactly the one thing they're coming to get from you.
    I hope this helps.
    I should be visiting your site as often as I can.
    Congrats and best of luck, Chidinma.

    • Hello Michael. I do appreciate your advice but the thing is, they are what are fascinates me. I enjoy doing them cos they inspire me that's why I blog about them. As I blog about them, I am inspiring myself and others.
      As I continue to blog, people will see my blog as an inspiration blog. Inspiring people and myself about everything life entails and together we will inspire one another.

  2. Hi chidi! You must stick to the startue quo, you know i agree with you michael its not easy for a person to try all he/she knows to do. To me! great blog work on it. I got a tech blog i called:, and a gist blog i name:, which consist of anything mention it, at thesame time HowTo blog i called: all this blog are functioning it does because i work hard ni oh. So keep it Chidima. -BINOOSMART.

  3. Having more than one niche is a good idea. That way you get to have something to post regularly. And since u're beautiful, u will easily get more audience & be named among the blogging queens. Feel free to visit my blog BTW, are u single?

  4. Just visiting the Blog not because of all Jide hype but because of the Picture posted.
    You already know what they say about How many words pictures speak.
    Welcome to the Blogosphere.

  5. Chidinma, good work, Not until this post from Jide, never knew i had someone this young with the same blog theme as mine, you can visit will keep in touch with your work. cheers

  6. This lovely! Really going be an hectic workload for you Chidinma I fink! Anyway keep the spirit up dear success. Kudos from an inspirational blog

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