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Google announced in June that publishers will be able to see the invalid activity deductions caused by invalid traffic on the Adsense payments history page, starting with May’s payment history.  I checked my estimated earnings for July and noticed that $5 was deducted, less than 1%.

If you notice deductions in your account too, you should be worried ONLY if over 30% of your earnings were deducted; else, I see no reason why you should worry so much about it.

This deduction is mostly caused by invalid activity on your site, such as accidental clicks, clicks from bots etc

If there is a large difference between your estimated earnings and your finalized earnings, make sure to review these tips.

To prevent invalid activity on your site, pay special attention to your site design and traffic acquisition. If you see unusual levels in invalid activity, I encourage you to notify Google by using the Invalid Clicks Contact Form.

Any deduction from your Adsense account?

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Jide, am the owner of, I actually notice the 1 % deduction from my July earnings. But this is not interesting, seriously…
    Secondly, my Alexa ranking in India has taking over that of Nigeria..any advice on how to enhance my ranking in Nigeria outrank that of India…..

  2. good day boss
    pls am in need of your help pertaining my blog
    pls how can u help me out on getting approval on my google adsense.
    sir this was the response i received last time

    Here are some recommendations to help you improve the user experience on your site and comply with AdSense criteria:

    It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
    Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
    Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

    pls sir how can u help me out or do u have any google adsense sell? if so this is my contact and whatsapp number 07039041998
    pls to hear frm you soon .thanks

    • your Adsense Application was disapproved due to your blog ugly design and lack of easy navigation (you should try to use read more on your homepage, Remove the facebook comment on your home page or just simply change your theme which i can be hired for that contact: ) After fixing your design then you should try to flush out all content which are not copyrighted to you and create some unique content before applying again.

    • All those cheats you're sharing on that blog won't help your application. The response you got from Adsense is clear enough to know why the application was rejected. Work on it…

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