How I Receive Adsense Payment with Diamond Bank Savings Account

This is a guest post compiled by Onyitex Joseph for OgbongeBlog

Yes! You you heard it right.. you can get Google Adsense payment straight to your Diamond Savings Xtra account without owning a Domiciliary Account.

Before I proceed to the tutorial, I will give you a brief story on what led me to opt for Diamond bank savings Xtra account when it comes to receiving my Adsense payment and other online transactions/payments.

Y’all know that years ago, before you can receive your Adsense payment in Nigeria, you must have a Domiciliary account. So, after Adsense approved my application, I went to my bank to inquire for the requirements for opening a domiciliary account and they told me the following:

  1. 2 referees whom have operated Current account for at least 6 months with the bank or any other bank.
  2. Utility Bills.
  3. National ID card, International Passport, Driver’s License for proper identification. 
  4. About $100 for minimum balance. and will be charged extra fee for MasterCard or VisaCard. 
diamond bank nigeria

Believe me, back in those days, I had all these requirements except drivers license..(who dash me motor?**hehe)

So, since I already had an account with them (Diamond Savings Xtra) I decided to try my luck.. I connected it to my Adsense, and boom! It worked!

I get my payment on payday, and even for this month’s payment, I withdrew my payment in Naira on that same day I was paid.. Isn’t that cool?

If you wanna try this out, simply walk into any Diamond Bank near to you, meet the customer care, tell them you wanna open an account with them, they will give you a form, fill it accordingly.

NB: there are many types of diamond bank accounts. There is even diamond savings account.. So, be specific.. IT MUST BE SAVINGS XTRA.. It will cost you only N5000 to open it..

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Once they process everything about your account,  you can now integrate it to your Adsense Account.

How to Integrate your Diamond bank Account to your Adsense Account

Go to your Adsense dashboard, click on the gear icon by the right >>go to payments >> click on ‘how you’ll get paid.. Click on new payment method, tick ‘bank transfer through bank account’ then fill the form.. They will ask you for your bank swift code, simply type in DBLNNGLA

After filling the form, save.. Thats all.. Once it’s pay day, you’ll be the first to receive your payment.

Remember, Diamond bank swift code is DBLNNGLA

Hope this helps..

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This post was written by Onyitex Joseph.  He owns OnyiTexBlog and you can follow him on Twitter @OnyitexJoseph and add him as friend on Facebook here
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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Nice article bro, but it mustn't be Diamond Savings Xtra, I have been getting paid with the ordinary Diamond Savings since last year January when Google adsense rolled out Wire Transfer. Thanks for your time in dispatching the information Mr Onyitex.

    • Yes, I agree with Vincent, this was something I wanted to add, the Diamond Savings xtra (opened with 5K) is for those that want to be Unlimited with their Accounts i.e Send money to other bank accts using Diamond Mobile App.
      Opening A normal Diamond savings Accounts is Free, just go with your credentials i.e >> 2 passport photograhs, Electricity bill of 2 previous months and your ID card.

  2. Receiving Adsense through diamond bank account and through GTB domiciliary USD account which is better.?

  3. I have the normal diamond savings account, can i use it also? Besides, the swift code that was given to me from one of the branch i visited is a 9 digit code, and the one you gave here is composed of 8 letters. Please what should i do?

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