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Have You ever imagined getting things done without been limited by abilities or resources? The human mind was designed to get hold of anything the heart so desires, unless otherwise limited. It is in me, it is you and of course so it is with everyone.

The Mobile Marketing industry with SMS and Premium SMS Shortcode as its major tools have no doubt gain greater awareness among corporate organizations and startup entrepreneurs in our country Nigeria, it has become  Feature-driven industry, an ability to create more Added Value to the system, only then can such a service provider remain Relevant and echoing in the system!

The mobile marketing industry is an industry that has provided millions of Nigerians employment, the interest is that most of the entrepreneur players in the industry are self made successful business people with steady strategic offers that have created several money making opportunities, which I wouldn’t just want to limit as owning a job.

So are you a young graduate that has been on the job search for several years and still counting, depending on parents or other guardian to pay your bills, then you are missing, to be blunt and fare you’ve been behind. Don’t worry, you are not totally disconnected!

Several Smart Nigerians are today making steady millions becoming Value Added Service (VAS) providers of Bulks SMS, Premium SMS Shortcode, and Voice over IP ( VoIP) termination of prerecorded voice calls. All of theses services generate millions of Naira daily as every industry depends on these tools to be successful in their respective businesses. You may not know these facts, because you have not been exposed to the secrets of succeeding in the industry.

Following the above established premises, Proinsight Technologies Team is Proud to announce the launch of the First Ever Award Winning User Opted Bulk SMS and Premium SMS Shortcode Enterprise  Portal App named The #MobileJaraApp, trail blazing in the industry not undermining the fact that other competitors will want to take up after us.

We understand the dynamic challenges associated with starting up a business of your own, especially as associated with the Mobile Marketing Industry, that’s is why we thought about You, we understand that to be successful we all need a network of connected individuals, that is the prime reason we came up with the All-inclusive and Robust  First Ever integrated Bulk SMS and Premium SMS Shortcode Enterprise Portal with which the would-be VAS Providers can leverage upon to start making huge Profit Margin Setting Up Campaign Services and Business Brand for their clients.

The All New #MobileJaraApp  Bulk SMS and Premium SMS Shortcode Enterprise Portal  Features will definitely wow You!

Before I proceed with the Rich filled features Let me take some time to state what you stand to benefit which cannot be gotten elsewhere but with The #MobileJaraApp Launch Offer!

Following a month long launch campaign period the entire team of #MobileJaraApp shall ensure that they give back to the society by #Empowering Smart Nigerians Who Want to Become VAS Providers to acquire the necessary basic and simple skills they require to become successful business owners in the most lucrative million Naira industry.

Free Offer 1 ( Worth N60,000, but given for free):

#MobileJaraApp team shall on this 7th of December 2015 and ongoing commence a concerted training on designing any kind of premium looking website like, on an Online Delivery Content System, Open Free to all interested Smart Public who enroll at

The above Free Package will equip the would-be VAS Providers to become professional setting up all kind of Premium looking Website for their prospects, they will understand the business model of the mobile marketing industry and Know How to setup the #MobileJaraApp Bulk SMS and Premium SMS Shortcode for their own customers who would be their direct Resellers.

Free Offer 2 ( Worth N60,000, but given for free):

There shall be a Live Training of the Exact Content Presented Above on Saturday the 12th of December, 2015 at Our   Port Harcourt Office Hall, 27 Eneka Road, Opposite Elimgbu Police Station. Strictly Limited To Only Those Who Have Enrolled Online here.

Free Offer 3 ( Worth N15,000, but given for free):

Grab access to the Most Blunt Truth about the Secrets Premium SMS Shortcode Providers would not Tell You, Get Access at, and Start Earning from the Money Milling Industry.

mobile sms marketing

Here are the Wow Features with which The First Ever BulkSMS and Premium SMS Shortcode Enterprise Portal is Endowed with:

  • Bulk SMS: Efficient Smart Bulk SMS Aggregator with intuitive Server Load Balancing to Ensure Effective SMS Deliveries.
  • Premium Shortcode: 2-Way Premium SMS Shortcode Connectivity with Real-Time Revenue Monitoring From Mobile Subscribers.
  • API Routing: Connect Several SMS API and Use them Simultaneously. Assign Users to Specific Choice API for Effective Delivery.
  • Auto Crediting: Instant Online Payment with Credit Card for Account Auto Crediting, Never Run out from SMS Credits.
  • SMS Automated Quiz: Increase your Mobile Revenue from MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel by Conducting Automated SMS Quiz which you can use as an Audience Engaging Game as well Sales Discount Qualification Condition.
  • Auto Responder: Premium SMS Auto Responder with up to 10 Automated Scheduled SMS Delivery Set in Minutes, Hours, Days, Weekly and Monthly for your required Campaign Design Flow.
  • Geo-Target: Set Mobile Number Database Sorted by State, LGAs and Special Collection Mobile Databases like; Doctors, Teachers, Youth, Engineers etc Databases. Sell your Mobile Database to users through the integrated Geo-Target Online Payment Option.
  • SMS Personalization: Give that Personal Feel with All SMS Sent out Using Our Automated SMS Personalized Tool. Don’t Miss the Sales Conversion Again! Touch the heart by Mentioning Recipient Name in your Bulk SMS Campaign.
  • Email Newsletter System: Always keep your users up to date with new prices, products and discounts to step up your sales frequency. Blast Rich Content Email Newsletter to all users on your portal.
  • Message All Users: Automatically Send tailored SMS to all Users of your portal for Specific price slashes, new products and create a rush for your service as you relate to your users more closely.
  • Support Ticket System: Offer Instant 24/7 Support to your users to bolster service brand integrity with the Instant SMS Notification with every Support Request Made on the Support Ticket System. Instantly Resolve or Pend Support Request.
  • Import Users Account: Automatically Import All Users Account Details from any Previous SMS Portal System you may be currently Using and have their Email Address, Name, and Last SMS Credits intact.
  • SMS Options: Don’t ever be limited or limit your users with just sending Normal SMS, the users need is advancing with the technology possibilities. Send Normal SMS Text Messages, send sensitive content as Flash SMS and Deliver your Blog/website Url as WAP SMS to Smart Mobile Users.
  • Dynamic Reporting: Get instant Email and SMS Notification for all Activities initiated on your portal. Track all SMS Delivery, getting details like the sent SMS user and from which API is the User Connected from. View Transaction Records.
  • Portal Admin Configuration System: User Friendly Experience Administrative Configuration Interface for Portal Setup, Crediting, Currency Conversion Rate, Logo, Bank detials, Online Payment Linking, Shortcode Assigning, Shortcode Keyword Setup and Much More.
  • Mobile App: #GoUnlimited with our Android Mobile App that installs across all Android versions and BlackBerry OS 10. Instantly Send Free Push Notification to Messages to All Users of the Mobile App.

Rush Now to to Learn More About This Portal Setup that has Been Designed For You to Make More Profit by Owning A Business and Company.

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Are You A Young Graduate Not Yet Employed? This System is Presented to You To Leverage On And Own A Company and Stop The Job Search! Go Now To Grab Your Partnership Offer.

Are You above 25 of Age still depending on Parents or guardian to pay your Bills? Now is the Time To Start the Most Lucrative and Noble Business in The Country. Go Here Now, So You Don’t Miss The Opportunity!

Is Your Organization or Company still Using a Public  System in Sending out their Corporate Campaign? then You need to give serious thought to Content Privacy Protection, which You Can Only Get With Installing The #MobileJaraApp in Your Choice Domain/Server.

Has making a Steady Cash Flow been challenging to You during this Past 2015? Don’t wait to be told to Switch Your Line of Hustling! Grab Hold of This Offer Now To Prepare the Right Foundation For 2016 Bumpa Business Year!

Imagine owning a Business You Spend Just N5,900 to Setup For Your Client, leaving to take home a Whooping N14,000 or More as Profit Margin!

Are You Thinking How Possible That is?

If You become a Regional Distributor Partner of #MobileJaraApp You will Be Qualified to Start Getting Our Bulk SMS and Premium SMS Shortcode at a Flat Rate of N3, 500 instead of N9,000.

Within the Industry Setting up of Bulk SMS Portal Goes For any Amount between N14,000 to N20,000, some providers even charges more! How much More Giving Your Prospect a Double Portion Offer of Setting Up a Bulk SMS and Premium SMS Shortcode Portal. That can go for any skyrocket price, but we are saying No! We want to Control Our Market, For Our Partners who are Getting Our System For Just N3,500 they Should Charge Their Client or Prospects any Amount But Not Higher Than N20,000.

So see how lucrative the Business is: You Just Pay Us N3,500 as a Partner, to Setup For Your Client You Get A Choice Domain at about N2,000, already you have been trained for free on How to Start Designing Any Kind of Website Not Just Setting Up Bulk SMS & Shortcode Portal, and I the training you’ve been exposed to the Secret of Hosting Several Clients Websites Practically for the Price of One, hence you may not be spending any further on hosting to be setting up for Your Clients.

See the Gross Profit You will be Left With:

(N20,000 Setup Cost You Charged on Your Client) – ( N3,500 + N2000 Project Cost) = N14,500 Gross Profit!

Check out Some of Our Listed Partners Before and After Our PreLaunch We Setup: and more counting.

Rush Now to to Grab Your opportunity Now, As This Is Only A Limited Launch Offer! The Offer Will Be Brought Soon and Taken to the Official Rate!

Snatch Your 2016 Rocking Business Opportunity!

Send the Text: MobileJara YourName YourEmail to 33811 to Test Our SMS Shortcode Connectivity. Eg: ‘MobileJara Joshua‘ (SMS at N50)

Whatsapp/ Call: 07034534116

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.

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