Easy Way To Make Money in Nigeria From Cocoa Powder Business

If you picture yourself creating additional source (multiple source) of income, with the view to earn more earnings that will enable you cater for the rising cost of your needs, sit back and relax as I expose you to a very hot and profitable agricultural product you can market and make extra income in real time!

And that is Cocoa Powder.

The interesting part is that, it is NOT compulsory you sell the Cocoa powder before you can start making money.

Really? Yes….just relax.

The Cocoa Powder Business is now very hot, both locally and abroad. Here is why :

One:  Pure Cocoa Powder has numerous great health benefits, google is your friend – check now the health benefits of Cocoa Powder – you will discover every home needs Cocoa Powder. Especially this brand am about to share with you.

Two:  The current craze for chocolate, domestically and abroad, is making Cocoa Powder to be in a very high demand – paving way for you to key into the great opportunity in Cocoa Powder Business.

More other things…

– Can be used in the making of Facial Mask! For domestic & commercial use.- (It helps fight ageing and rejuvenates dead skin – google it!)

– Can be used in Baking! Domestically Bake Dark Chocolate Cake, Cocoe Fudge and Cocoa Stick – With Cocoa Drink for a Treat!

health benefits of cocoa powder

Who Can Do The Business?

  • Bloggers – A Great Way To Monetize Your Website – Just Post A Banner Link On Your Blog
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Graduates & The Unemployed
  • The Work At Home Mom
  • Students Who Wants To Make Extra Income To Support His/Her Studies
  • Network Marketers
  • Civil Servants etc…
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So, How Do I Get Started?

All you just need to do is to register FREE as a member with the affiliate company that is in charge of the sales of the product.

After you register, UPGRADE your Account status to “Distributor” to start enjoying the distributor Benefits which lets you earn money in 3 ways.

What Are The Three Ways I Will Make Money?

After upgrading to “distributor” status,

  • Earn N2,000 for every active distributor that register through you
  • Earn 8% commission when anyone that signs up under you, buy the product
  • Earn N50,000 extra when your purchases accumulate to N500,000

Your Commission will be paid into your Local Bank Account submitted during registration – EVERY MONDAY!

How To Make N88, 000 In The First Month

Below is a simple analysis of how you can make N88,000 in your first month of becoming an affiliate:

If You Refer 20 New Distributors ;
Commission = N40,000 (N2,000 x 20)

If the 20 distributors Purchase 1 pack each per week, for the 4 weeks
Commission = N48,000

Total : N88,000 ( N40,000 + N48,000)

You will earn more than this if you refer more people and if they buy more packs.

Note : You may not sell product. You can focus only on sharing the program with others and Earn N2000 performance bonus on each new person you refer.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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