Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Solutions to All Your Sleep Disrupting Problems

Good sleep is one of the most essential things to lead a healthy life. Sleep deprivation not only affects your physical health, but also the mental health. Interrupted sleep or inability to sleep can be really annoying.

It can seriously affect you by accelerating the growth of tumor, making you feel hungry frequently, increasing your weight, affecting your mood, making you underperform at office and home and impairing your memory etc.

There are several health issues that can affect your sound sleep. The good news is that most of the problems have solutions.

Highlighted below, are sleeping problems and their solutions .

1. Bruxism

Do you wake up in odd hours of night with painful jaws? You may have been grinding your teeth in the night. This problem is medically referred to as Bruxism.

Solution – Fix an appointment with your dentist. You may be prescribed with a teeth guard to be worn at night. This will prevent you from clenching your jaws in the night. You should avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed. If you have the habit of chewing gum, you should say good bye to the habit.

2. Frequent Urination 

Frequent urination while sleeping is medically called as nocturia. This is common when you get older.

Solution – Avoid drinking too many fluids and water before going to bed. If the problem persists men should have their prostate checked. Women can have urinary incontinence problems. Doing Kegel exercises may help in solving the problem.

3. Sleep Apnea 

This condition refers to uneven and abnormally loud snoring. Soft tissues grow in the throat and this blocks air passage at times leading to repeated stoppage of breathing.

Solution – You should meet an otolaryngologist who will recommend devices like CPAP device and nasal blocks etc.

4. Restless Leg Syndrome 

If you feel itching, prickly or tingling sensation in your legs while sleeping, it is called restless leg syndrome.

Solution – Consult your doctor to find the cause of restless leg syndrome. The cause could be diabetes, anemia or vitamin deficiency.

sleeping problems and solutions

Other issues that affect your sleep:

1. Late heavy dinner : Eating a heavy dinner late in the night is one of the causes for inability to sleep or sleep disturbance.

Solution – Avoid eating late. Avoid eating foods containing too much fat and too much protein. Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake.

2. Smart devices – Logging into your social networking accounts and chatting in the nights will surely affect your sleep.

Solution – – Keep your smart phones away from your bed. Just listen to your favorite music or read good books. Avoid watching TV in your bedroom.

3. Temperature : Is your room very hot or very cold? This can affect your sleep.

Solution – If it is too hot, wear clothes that are breathable and that can wick moisture. If it is too cold wear woolen clothes and use blankets to cover you.

4. Light : Light has the ability to affect the internal clock and prevent you from getting a good sleep.

Solution – Keep the lights off. Keep the window curtains closed.

5. Irregular routine : Going to sleep at different time everyday can cause sleeplessness.

Solution – Go to bed at the same time every day, including weekends.

6. Wrong mattress : This is an important reason not to be ignored.

Solution – Buy the right mattress, preferably memory foam mattress, to get good night’s sleep. You can get the best mattresses from

Make sure you find the problem for your disturbed sleep and find the solution for it. Get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Sleep well to enjoy a good health.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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