The Best Places for Installing Security Cameras at Your Residence

Installing CCTV cameras at home is a great way to keep your family and home secure and safe. However, just fitting those cameras is only half job done, and may not be quite helpful. With multiple security cameras available in the market today, you need to choose one, which meets your requirements.

Apart from choosing an appropriate CCTV camera, it’s important to ensure that installation is done in the most effective way. This means you should get them installed at locations in your home such that there is no scope for unauthorized entry. This guide will brief you about some of the locations where you can install security cameras.

Places To Install CCTV Cameras At Home


Front and back door of house are the main entry points and therefore need to be secured primarily. Whether you have placed a lock or not about 34% thieves use house’s front door for getting inside while about 22% use back door. Therefore, it’s very important for a house owner to install CCTV solutions for home.

You should install a CCTV system that is directed towards your home’s front and back doors giving a clear vision of your doorway. For this, you can install the camera on your house’s roof space. Place it as high as possible so that it is out of any person’s reach. Otherwise, you can cover up the camera in a thin mesh of wire, so that mischief-mongers and burglars can’t damage it.

security cameras for home

The Garage

Garage door is one of the easiest ways to get entry into a home. Some people keep their high priced sporting material in their garage that makes it susceptible to theft. It’s important to lock your garage after you park the vehicle, and further make sure that you use high quality lock since thieves and burglars are expert in unlocking equipment for getting unlawful entry.

In case, you park the vehicle in driveway make sure to put a lock on that as well. However, if you still have fear of thievery, it’s better to install a security camera in your garage’s doorway.

Rear Windows

Thieves love getting a convenient entry to your home from unlocked or open windows that are placed at ground level. The rear window of your home is the most important thing going unsupervised and making it easier for thieves to get entry through it.

It makes a good sense to install cameras facing the rear and other windows so that thieves can’t enter your place in any way. However, installing cameras doesn’t mean that you’ll forget to take precautions from your end. Make sure that you keep the windows shut and locked. Besides this, whenever you leave from home, check the locks properly.

The Driveway

Placing a security camera at your driveway’s end will make sure that you keep an eye on all visitors. Anyone entering your home through the driveway would get caught in the camera. This way you can also keep a check on unexpected deliveries and guests to your place.

The Backyard

Covering your driveway is not enough. It is advisable to place a security camera in your backyard for a clear picture of it. Your backyard is an attractive entry place for a thief looking to get into your house, particularly in dark.

For this, you can use a camera having night vision feature for getting the best results. Besides this, ensure that your backyard is properly lit at night, particularly if you have expensive garden furniture.


Hope after reading this guide you will be able to decide the best place for your camera.

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