Get Free .com Domain Name + OgbongeBlog Template As Valentine Gift

UPDATE : Winner announced. Info here

Happy Valentine fam!

I want to give out a .com domain name  and my Ogbongeblog template design to a lucky winner as Valentine gift.

I registered the domain name in 2014 but I’ve not used it till this moment – and I keep renewing it since then. So, I wanna let go of it.

The domain name is :

valentine gift for bloggers

I’ve already set it to work as a custom domain for a blogger blog but if the winner choose to use it for a WordPress blog, no problem. I can change the DNS settings,

If the winner decides to use it for a Blogger blog, then I will install my blog design for free on it too.

So, if you’re interested, drop a comment and tell me how you will use the free domain name if I hand it over to you.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. I think the name is superb for an entertainment blog. If I am given the opportunity to have this, It will be a celebrity watch blog. I will do something different, not the regular stories about artists but about their social media actions as well. Not many know about their social actions and not many know their pages on instagram, twitter and likes, so my job with the domain will be to bridge this gap between celebs and their fans. Thanks.

  2. I would use it for celebrity gist & updates news .so that visitors to my blog would get breaking news ,information and updates on whats trending in the world of celebrity in order to keep them coming for more updates on my blog & they serve as consistent traffics …I would also be glad to get your mentorship from your vast experience as an expert to do it better if am the winner..KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM @ OGBONGE BLOG..

  3. First of all i want to say a big thanks to the owner of ogbongeblog for the tutorials he has been dishing out for free. I like the name of the domain and i think i can use it to make people laugh, motivate and inspired them and i promise to make the domain a household name in the blogosphere world. Thanks

  4. I'll be very happy if I'm chanced to be given the domain. I've been on blog since 2015 but it seems it's affecting my secondary education. I just graduated and now ready to start my blogging carrer. Concerning the name I'll choose mainly naija politics as my niche.

  5. If I get, I would use it blog about success principles and financial literacy. I would also want to uncover the truth about the changing economy, processes and civilization in the world to the average Nigerian youth.

    If I don't get the blog? I will still start my dream blog, a day not too far from today.But gifting me the name, will be a great headstart.

    Competitors in the same niche are welcome, pioneer bloggers in the niche should watchout.

  6. If I am given the opportunity to be the owner of the blog. Sir it will be one of the most watch out for in the entertainment niche as Nigeria youths could voice out and ironed some issues together facing the Nigerian economy.

  7. Nice work Jide. Giving out something worth 15 thousand Niara is a very big task and i can tell how blessed you are to be doing this. Well the truth be said. A lot of persons would want to have such an offer but here comes the bad side.

    Many persons will get lucky with it but sooner they might let down the site and domain name because anything that comes free is mostly taken for granted.

    I already have a blog on blogspot and domain on Domainking see it in here (

    THANKS alot for giving bloggers this opportunity but i won't ask for a domain name because if i am to register a domain, i would do it with a name a choosed not doro.


  8. Thanks Mr Jide, I have learnt a lot from you, the preciseness in writing your posts, your wanting to solve blogging problems for the audience, and this… Thanks,I already own a blog,fatisticinfo,and I want to be a problem-solver like you,inspiring and empowering others. Congrats to the prospective winner of the giveaway!Thanks Mr Ogbongeblog.

  9. Good day administrator
    Happy Valentine to mr Jide and everyone here

    I need this blog called doroblog because I will turn it to music blog and entertainment blog ….

    and also many cool cash from it and run affiliate program and make money from it

  10. Thanks Jide for imparting lives. I don't need the domain. I need the blog. For those that are asking for it, SEO starts from domain name. Its good for someone that wants to run entertainment blog. Thats my own view.

  11. I will use the blog as a site reviewing and flipping medium in the beginning. Gradually, I hope to encourage people on food supply through agriculture, investment opportunities that people might leverage on. Joint partnerships opportunities. How to live a secured and safe live and shelter/accommodation questions and answers. I hope to make the blog a platform where orphans and the less privileg can get help.

    The watchword shall be innovate or die. Inspirational books bonus shall be summarized and made available for people.

    Finally, the slogan shall be 'anything good, anything great'.


  12. Good morning Mr jide ogunsaya. Actually I has been following you your blog for years because of the article that is helpful I always found in your blog. That was what kept me coming but do to lack of frequency I missed your last blog that you gave out last time. Though it was painful but I knew I wouldn't have done anything much better than the person that It was given to. Actually I has been going to many seminars and buying many materials sold on the seminars and workshop. And many webinar from top internet marketers such as Patrick ogidi, olaide alim, onome Maureen. I has been into importation for some time now. I have a store on konga but most of my items I sold them to individual why because they knew it's of high quality and at a cheaper rate. Again I always purchase high data's that always be a waste at the end of month because I don't have much to do on internet than to Facebook all the day long. But have passion for importing because it made a position change in my life. One of my friend in kwara poly has been asking me for money and I always give him but it pains me because a lot of things one can do to make a living is at their disposal yet they know it not. So also one that is serving at kogi state. This is painful because if they know about importation, all the do and don't of it, they will require no school fees from their parent or better still not been a beggar at every semester. There blog name can serve best at this very point. When the person what to visit the blog she/she will smile or even laugh at it because of thinking that nothing great can be found on such a blog name: but when his life turns around he announce it on the street. This will give a great guild and lot of vital free information base on importation and blogging because I will enter into full time blogger. And I will promote it to Facebook and many places. Sir I tell you that if you give me the blog and visit it in a week time, what you will see will surprise you. Thanks. Ugwu Jonas.

  13. I've always loved reading your posts and had passion for blogging as a student but i lost my domain when i had no money to renew it. I will be grateful if you gift me the domain and template to start my own entertainment blog cos the domain name suites it and i love blogging on the Entertainment niche.

  14. I will use it to show forth services about events planning, weddings, confectionary and much more on outdoor catering.Thanks in anticipation.

  15. Hello Jide,

    I will call myself a budding blogger.

    I am an IT Analyst and I have a passion for Blogging and I blog on Information technology.

    I have contents for my blog which is not limited to IT

    My blog needs a professional touch from a seasoned blogger like you.

    All I need is the domain name to reach more audience.

    I will be glad if I am given the opportunity to use the domain name for promoting freelancing,affiliate,SEO,and ecommerce.

    My blog is

  16. If am given the domain, I would make sure I channel it into entertainment news More so as a student of University of Ibadan I would make sure more of campus related news are being posted and appreciated as this would help develop and bring students who are into entertainment into limelight apart from the generally known celebrities

  17. Hi Oga Jide,

    I am very much interested in this blogger website. If I am lucky to get it, I will use it for entertainment blog with fascinating contents and run ad on facebook to boost its ranking and views.


  18. Hello Mr Hide I have been trying to reach you through your mail but couldn't, please help me I have a blog and Google keeps rejecting my request for AdSense despite having over 100 posts and over 2000 visitors please visit my site and tell me what am doing wrong.
    awaiting your reply

  19. Good afternoon Mr Jide, If I am opportuned to benefit from this magnanumity of yours, I will put to good use. In the sense that I will use it for a pure entertainment blog- that discusses celebrity gist, relationship tips, beauty tutorials, etc.
    Once again, I appreciate your selfless atittude to help the already encumbered young blogger. Thanks!

  20. I would use it for celebrity gist & updates news .so that visitors to my blog would get breaking news ,information and updates on whats trending in the world of celebrity in order to keep them coming for more updates on my blog & they serve as consistent traffics …I would also be glad to get your mentorship from your vast experience as an expert to do it better if am the winner..

  21. Doroblog, wow the domain name is real cool, if i get the blog (Probably) i'll export all my Entertainment news from my blogspot site to the new domain, I'll use it for celebrity gists blog(focus on Female celebrities) life style and fashion

  22. Am very very much interested in this blogging biz. I which am also giving free domain and template design..! MR. JIDE help my career also please….!

    My blog will be all about Entertainment and Celebrity act … Letting the visitors know what they post on social medias and others… Mr. Jide please if am also granted the opportunity of Free Domain and Template. Please Register on this :


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