Add Ads.Txt File To Blogger Blogs via Settings

Support for the Authorized Digital Seller (ads.txt) protocol has been launched for Blogspot/Blogspot blogs. So, you can now manually set up the content of the ads.txt file via Blogger settings without the need of uploading any file to Blogger’s root directory, which doesn’t exists.

If your blog is not monetized, or it’s only configured to use AdSense using the Blogger-AdSense integration, then you do not need to manually set up ads.txt. Blogger will do this for you.

If your blog is monetized with third-party providers or you’ve manually integrated AdSense in your Blogger blog, you will need to manually set up the content of the ads.txt file.

How To Set Up an ads.txt File On Blogger Manually

  • Sign in to Blogger at
  • In the top left, click the Down arrow Down Arrow .
  • Click the blog you want to set up an ads.txt file on.
  • On the left, click Settings.
  • Under “Settings,” click Search preferences.
  • Under “Monetization,” find “Custom ads.txt” and click Edit.
  • Click Yes.
  • Copy the settings from your third-party monetization provider and paste them in the text box.
  • Click Save settings.

Blogger Ads.txt File Set Up for Adsense

If you want to set you your Blogger ads.txt file to publicly declare that Google is authorized to sell your ad inventory, copy and paste the code below in the ads.txt box :, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

adsense ads.txt file for blogger blogspot blogs monetization

Important : Make sure you replace pub-0000000000000000 with your own publisher ID.

NB : If you want to set up the ads.txt file for Adsense, Chitika, Sulvo etc, include a separate line in the file for each authorized seller.

How To Find Adsense Publisher ID

Your publisher ID is the unique identifier for your Adssense account and below is how to find it :

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • In the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  • Click Account, then click Account information.
See also :   How To Create Matched Content Unit From Your Adsense Account

Alternatively, you can find your publisher ID number within your AdSense ad code. Just locate the AdSense code in the HTML source code of your website, and you’ll spot your publisher ID in a line like the one shown below:


How To Check Content of Ads.Txt File On Blogger

To check the content of your ads.txt file, go to

About Ads.Txt

Authorized Digital Sellers, or ads.txt is an IAB initiative that helps ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold through sellers (such as AdSense) who you’ve identified as authorized. Creating your own ads.txt file gives you more control over who’s allowed to sell ads on your site and helps prevent counterfeit inventory from being presented to advertisers.

Each line in a publisher’s ads.txt list requires three pieces of data (plus a fourth optional field).

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. I’ve implemented this… I am now waiting for changes to take effect. Thanks sir for your prompt response and assistance to this

  2. I really can’t express how glad I’m to finally be able to implement the ads.text file via this tutorial.

    Thing is: how long will it take for ads to begin showing again?
    I ask because my ads stopped showing the moment AdSense pushed the notice to my dashboard

  3. i inserted the snippet code in my custom ads blogger , its more than 24 hours how much time they will take please tell me ?

  4. Oga Jide, my own is not coming from my own blog o… It’s bringing my own error from a blog I added but I haven’t placed any ad code on it. I dey find way to remove the blog from the AdSense but I never see…. How do I go about it

  5. this is what i see on my adsense page Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue. what can i do?

  6. Dear Friend,

    I added the same code shown in the action by Google Adsense and its been 36 hours till now still ads are not coming on my blog. – Can u please share how much time it will generally take.

  7. Hi… Thanks for sharing.. I have added it on my blog @
    Please, how long will it take to start working? Thanks!

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