Oriflame Nigeria Bonus Points Calculation & Perfomance Discount Explained

Oriflame offers an unlimited income opportunity when you invite others to join the business. This is the easiest way you can make money from the business if you love talking to people – and mobile apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger now make this so easy.

By inviting and recruiting people, you can build a team of active Oriflame consultants which will make it so easy for you to earn earn hundreds of thousands every month with soft work. The bigger your team, the more you earn.

Oriflame consultants earn “performance discount” aka Oriflame salary every month based on the total number of bonus points accumulated by their teams.This is in addition to the instant profit they earn from the sales of Oriflame products and other cash bonuses.

There is Oriflame compensation plan that highlights how much you can likely earn per month based on your team performance. If you register to become Oriflame consultant in Nigeria and join my team, I will share with you all the Oriflame Nigeria compensation plans and presentations/ebooks that explain how the oriflame monthly salary works. I will also personally explain the plan to you.

There are also Oriflame titles which you will earn based on your team performance. These include : 3% consultant, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 18%, 21%, Director, Gold Director, Senior Gold Director, Saphire Gold Director etc

oriflame nigeria bonus points calculation and performance levels

The consultants that attain the 12%, 15%, 18% performance discount levels are called “Managers” while the 21% consultants are called “Senior Managers”.

As you and your team members accumulate more bonus points, you will close new titles and step up in the Oriflame success ladder. The higher you are on the ladder, the more you stand to earn monthly from the Oriflame business in Nigeria.

How Oriflame Calculates Performance Discount

  1. Earn the full Performance Discount (3%-21%) on your personal sales.
  2. Earn the difference between your own Performance Discount (PD) Level and the PD Level of the Consultants directly sponsored by you – on their total group Business Volume (BV).

For example,

As at the time of publishing this post, the bp of Oriflame Zoom Signature perfume is 71 bonus points and as a registered consultant, I can buy it at N10,762 and the recommended selling price i.e the price of the perfume in the Oriflame catalogue is N13,990.

oriflame signature zoom perfume photo and price in nigeria

Now, let’s assume I buy x3 of the perfume.

That means I will accrue 213 bonus points (71×3) if I pay the N32,286 cost price of the 3 units of the perfume – and according to the Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan, obtaining 213 bonus points qualifies me to become a 3% consultant (my title).

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So, If I sell the 3 perfumes at the recommended price, that means I will sell them for N41,970.

This means my instant profit after selling the three perfumes = 41,970 – 32,386 = N9,584.

In addition to this instant profit, Oriflame will pay me performance discount for the personal sales = 32,286 x 3% = N968.58

Hence, total earnings = N9,584 + N968.58 = N10,552.58.

Guess what?

I can earn more.


If some of my downlines also make purchases.

So, let’s assume two of my downlines make same purchases i.e buy 3 pieces of the Zoom perfume.

This means;

Total group bonus point i.e total group of the team = 213 + 213 + 213 = 639 bonus points.

And according to Oriflame compensation plan, obtaining 639 bonus points qualifies me to become a 6% consultant.

Hence, according to how I said Oriflame calculates performance discount earlier, my performance discount will now be :

  1. 32,286 x 6% = N1,937.16


  1. (32,286 x 3%) + (32,286 x 3%) = N1,937.16

Total performance discount = N1,937.16 + N1,937.16 = N3,874.32

So, total earnings = N9,584 + N3,874.32 = N13,458 (i.e instant profit + performance discount)

So as you can see from the examples above, I can earn N10,552.58 profit if I invest N32,286 in the Oriflame business in NIgeria without recruiting people.

And I can earn N13,458 profit if I invest N32,286 and recruit just two people.

And remember, you can earn more if you sell your products at prices higher than the recommended selling prices used in the Oriflame bp calculations above.

Income from team building grows slowly at first then it expands rapidly.

There is an Oriflame business app that lets you easily register anyone that wants to join the business through you. You can check out the Oriflame apps here. With the app, you can also track the performance of your Oriflame downlines.

You can also generate your Oriflame referral link and share with people that want to join the business. If they register through the link, Oriflme will register them as your downlines.

Remember, if you register to become Oriflame consultant in Nigeria and join my team, I will share with you all the Oriflame Nigeria compensation plans and presentations/ebooks that explain how the oriflame monthly salary works. I will also personally explain the plan to you.

Call/SMS or Whatsapp me via 07062918898 if you want to get started asap.

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