ChatFuel Lets You Create Chatbots Without Coding For Free

Whether you’re a developer looking to build your own chatbot or a business owner looking to create a chatbot for your business without coding, ChatFuel can help. With Chatfuel chatbot builder, you simply sign up with Facebook, choose between a couple of chatfuel chatbot templates and your chat bot for Facebook messenger will be up and running in just a few minutes.

You will be able to make a chatbot at without any knowledge of coding using an intuitive interface that lets you build your bot quickly and reliably. The chat bot can help you automate discussions in Facebook messenger and strengthen your connection with your audience—whether they are your customers, blog readers, fans etc. Facebook users that chat with your bot will be able to request info and interact with your bot via buttons, text etc

if you have a blog for example, you can create a chatbot for the blog which will allow Facebook users to view your latest blog posts right inside Facebook messenger. They can also subscribe to updates, so they will automatically be receiving your latest blog updates right inside messenger. In addition to that, you can also make it possible for the Facebook users to search your blog right inside Facebook Messenger. Awesome huh? You can try the OgbongeBlog chatbot for messenger.

If you run an hotel business, for example, you can also create a chatbot that will list the rooms available right inside Messenger. Users will be able to ask for the price of the rooms and get replies instantly! With Chatfuel, you can also create navigation steps that guide customers through the room reservation process in a user-friendly way.

If you have a website, you can also create a chatbot for the website and generate a chat widget from which will allow people that visit your website to chat with your chatbot right from your website.

At, you can build a chatbot just by adding content in the form of text, images, forms and there are even plug-ins which you can use to pull information from various sources according to user input. For example – Google search.

It also supports Facebook messenger webview which lets you load webpages inside Messenger. Also, you can set up broadcasting to send regular digests to your users. To extend your chattuel bot’s capabilities there’s always RSS and JSON plugins you can use.

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Chatfuel has an AI engine that allows you to define phrases like “hi”, “good morning”, “where is your office”, “how much is..” and then to respond with a “block”. A block can be a simple text message, an image or a gallery of images with text. The engine is not only smart enough to detect typos but it can also manage variations of longer sentences very well.

In addition, Chatfuel lets you visually see how your bot performs in the wild. It provides you with data like how many people used the bot over the last weeks or what messages users sent the most and a couple more.

make a chatbot with chatfuel chatbot builder

You can create a chatbot for free at but there are some limits and once you exceed the limits, you will be required to upgrade to a chatfuel pro plan according to chatfuel pricing that suits your needs.

After going through series of chatfuel tutorials, examples and templates, I have been able to set up chatbots for blogs and business in Nigeria and beyond. In addition to that, I have been able to master how to increase chatfuel chatbot subscribers, how to make make chatbot smarter with dialogflow smalltalk agent, how to integrate chatbot with bulksms and slack notifications, how to use chatbots for leads generation and submit the data to google sheets and email autoresponders like mailchimp, mailerlite etc

I hope to write a full chatfuel review in the long run but before then, happy botting!

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