5 Ways To Earn From Blogging Without Waiting For Adsense

This is a guest post compiled by +Agunbiade Damilol  for OgbongeBlog

It baffles my mind when everyone wants to go into blogging due to the fact that they get the information that some bloggers are making hundreds of thousands through blogging. And to make the matters worse, there is this wide notion you have to get Adsense to make money in blogging.

Yes, Adsense is good, but I consider it a lazy man’s way to earn in blogging. But let’s even not forget that the fact you have Adsense does not mean that you will earn. In fact I have come across bloggers that got frustrated and quit blogging after they got Adsense just because the expected funds were not coming in.

Adsense is not for newbies, I must tell you. It’s for bloggers that have arrived and have the funds and technicality to promote their blogs. Before you can earn tangible income through Adsense, your traffic must be in tens of thousands, nothing less. So will you tell me how you want to achieve that as a newbie? Not even in this era of copy and paste and everyone going into same niche, which is Entertainment.

So as a newbie, I want to break your heart a little bit. You can’t break-even with Adsense until you grow in your blogging career for like a minimum of 1 year. Don’t get me wrong as well, not that achieving high is not feasible. What am saying is that you just have to be financially buoyant or better still be an SEO Expert. But when you don’t have these at your disposals, then you have to wait further.

But don’t you think you are going to be wasting your time when you have to wait for such a long period before you begin to make tangible income with your blog. Have you ever thought of alternative ways to make money with your blog? It’s so unfortunate that Nigerian bloggers’ minds are so conditioned to Adsense, when there are various ways you can make money as a blogger.

I will be highlighting those other highly feasible ways you can make money as a blogger :


You are a blogger and you are complaining that you are not making money with your blog, why?  Are you a talent waster?  If you don’t want to be wasting your talent. Now is the time for you to begin to package something good and organize training for others.

You don’t need much to do this. You can start with Internet Cafes around you, even at your Church. One-on-ONe training won’t be bad for a start. All you need is to ensure you have the right information about what you are going to be training others.


You can also begin to seek out other bloggers that are not so opportuned to update their blogs and offer to help them with this. This aspect of blogging has a lot of earning potential. I must tell you that you can be making nothing less than N100,000 on this monthly. Take for instance, you have 10 blogs you are working with and you charge them N10,000 each,  even if it’s N5000. Now see how great the returns are for a 4-hour job.

Through my advent in blogging, this has been my peak earning point. I don’t consider myself a professional, but am neither a newbie. I was able to hit a top job with an Italian Information Marketer after much effort I input into developing myself. This guy pays me $50 weekly and guess what, I only make a 1 post daily. My other admin work is with a Nigerian top blog and am paid N20,000 monthly, and then some other smaller blogs I work with. You can achieve better.


You are on Facebook and you are not making money. That should stop today. As a blogger, you should stand out from Mz SexyDiva that posts on Facebook for free. Do you know there are about 800 million Facebook groups on the internet. You can offer to help organizations blast their links on social media. But you have to be careful to follow the rules and regulations of a certain group as not every group tolerates that.

But besides Facebook, you can as well utilize Google+, twitter, instagram, reddit, stumbleupon, bbm, whatsapp and so on.


Do you even realize your knowledge of blogging is worth millions on its own?. You need to begin to see beyond the surface and open your mind to the fact that people lack this knowledge you have and will be willing to pay you massively for your information.

You already know how to maneuver your way in creating a blog, why not put that to writing. You can write about blog creation, blog marketing, social media marketing, link posting and so on. Just think of something you are good at and create a unique item.

You can even package it as a video course. There are many people making money selling courses on sites like You can as well sell your DVD on sites like Konga, Jumia. There are various platforms out there through which you can sell your products.


 Do you know apart from Adsense, you can make a lot of money from paid adverts on your blog. All you need to do is to strategically promote your blog to the right set of people. You can then use this as a leverage to convince organizations and business owners to advertise on your blog.

You can contact me ( for my free ebook on how to get paid adverts for your blog.

My dear, don’t wait for Adsense, Start earning today!

See you at the top.

Any addition or subtraction?

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This post was written by Agunbiade Sanya Damilola. Creative Writer, Social Media Enthusiast and Blogger. Blogs on THE DIARY OF A JOBLESS NIGERIAN YOUTH : You can follow him on Twitter @wenogetjob
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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. This is so informative, u have really opened the eyes of many, even me. Thank you so much Jide for being an inspiration to many, including me. In fact I belong to many groups on facebook that I can blast links. I must act now before others will take this opportunity b4 me. Thank you so much.

  2. You said it all. Most newbie bloggers we have in this era are just too lazy to be creative and think out of the box. all want to go into entertainment niche which i categorize as a lazy man's job. lol… I mean it. they believe in writing just few lines of sentence and uoshaaaa! their article for the day is complete.

  3. Very nice and informative post. I actually have a blog i started not quite long though i have an adsense account running on it but i decided to limit the ad placing by allowing only 3 per page and withing a short while i got a contact from somebody about a paid advert. Anyway your blog outfit and traffic still matters when it come to paid advert.

    • yea, outfit and traffic still matters but you won't really need millions of traffic if well packaged before you can get paid adverts. Lets say you only write on fashion, and you've got some good engagement, fashion stores would likely contact you for ad placement..

  4. Hi,

    Monetizing a blog goes way beyond relying on Google AdSense, as a matter of fact, most successful bloggers don't wait on AdSense to earn remarkable income from their blog.

    People like Jon Morrow, Niel Patel e.t.c make millions from membership program that they organize monthly.

    The idea is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche (this might take months or years of hard work). But once you establish yourself, people will literally pay you to bask from your knowledge.

    Bloggers can also consider promoting affiliate products that their audience may find valuable.

    Another method of making money is by creating premium blog post once per week. Enstine did this some months ago, he created a blog post and send out newsletter about the post with an entizing summary, however you would be required to pay $1 if you want to read the entire post. This is a great method of making fast cash provided you're on WordPress and you have a huge email list.

    Bloggers should also consider freelancing (Bamidele comes to mind, he's making huge money from this venture)

    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Thanks for the post Jide.. The big issue with most of us is the rush to make money asap 4rm our blogs….we don't even bother to study & harness what webmaster tools offers that improves our blog appearance in #SEO. I study your blog a lot & run insightful comparison on SEO appearance even tho i am a newbie….hoping to get there tnx again 4 dis insightful post, pls check my blog

  6. though I'm yet to make a dime from adsense but my blog has given me the opportunity to meet multi million companies and great entrepreneurs both in Nigeria and in diaspora. and I receive lessthan 300 PV daily on average. I won't say I'm lazy about this but its the nature of my work that doesn't allow me to work full time on blogging, at times I work trice a month on my blog. I blog @

  7. oga Jide and oga Sanya, i really respect you guys alot and this post just got to prove that you guys are the real deal 🙂 when it comes to blogging. I always tell people that relying on Adsense is a very lazy way to make money online and they think i'm crazy.

    Sanya, thanks so much for this. You just blew me away with this timely post

    I will share this with anyone who has faced the "Adsense Frustration"

    Meanwhile i have a guest post to submit like right now 🙂

  8. Lol! At that url WeNoGetJobDotCom. It's cool sha, that's creativity I guess.

    Adsense is over hyped, that's all. There are many unconventional way to earn money from your blog without Adsense. You are only limited by your creativity.

  9. I believe you brother. The main problem of bloggers today is not being able to think deeply of totally new thing. They need that niche that will help them do copy and paste.

    I started a new blog recently but completely on a different niche which google has not even thought of its on Comparison. Comparing websites, people, things, etc in fact I do get 1,000+ page views daily just by giving what people are been starved of.

    I have been waiting for Google Adsense to approve my request but this article has kicked me far than I expected. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  10. Jide is doing excellently werll for Nigerian Bloggers, i read about one of his post on making money online when he shared about that he earned and receive cas from chitika 5years or 4years ago, i was inspired and now i have started to make money online, i mean good money for the past 4years now.

    Ogbonegblog is doing really great.

    I Blog at

  11. Thank you so much for this. I have a motivational blog( I have been waiting on Adsense. Like you said, they are strict in approval. My blog is getting close to a year I started. I find Joy in motivating people but also want to make money from it. I look forward to creating e-books, paid adverts and I love the part of blog admin. Please how can I feature as a blog admin and how do I find blogs that I could connect with?
    Thank you

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