5 Ways to Earn Income From Blogging

This is a guest post compiled by David Udenna  for OgbongeBlog

Over the years, blogging have been the main source of income for some people. Some do it on part-time basis while some actually don’t do any other job other than just wake up in the morning write some few topics, publish on their blog. Believe me, most of these people earn good income from blogging.

If you are not yet earning good income from your blog(s), just sit back, relax and follow the tips I’m sharing with you in this post. What I will be sharing is not a quick way to make money. Hence, if you are an individual that is looking for Get Rich Overnight schemes then I advise you to look elsewhere because this post is not for you.

1. Sell eBooks, Videos etc

This is a sure way of making money from your blog even when you don’t have enough traffic to be making money from adverts.

You can sell ebooks you create by yourself or sell ebook for other authors in return for commission. There are even some authors that will give you right to resell their ebooks.

I’ve seen a gossip blogger selling ebook on how to create an entertainment blog and how to date celebrities. All you just need to do is to sell ebooks you think will be OK for your audience and you are good to go.

You can as well package information you want to sell in form of videos, audio recordings etc. The choice is yours.

If you are not selling anything on your blog, you are really missing alot. Information Sells!!

2. PPC Monetizing

PPC means Pay Per Click.

If you join PPC Networks e.g Google Adsense, Adynamo etc, you can be earning income from your blog monthly when visitors to your blog click on the ads you generated from those networks. All you need is to generate the ad codes from the networks and place the codes on your blog.

This is very effective for Sites with high traffic. So before Monetizing your blog with Pay Per Click Networks make sure you have some traffic so it can be very effective.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is also a very effective way of earning income from your blog provided you are good at driving sales. All you need to do is to join affiliate networks and help them market their products using your unique affiliate links.

When people buy through your link, the network will pay you some commission. When the commision piles up to a certain amount, you get paid via check or to your bank account.

NOTE: It’s recommended to promote products related to your niche e.g if you blog on “cooking” then you should promote products like Kitchen utensils, not football jerseys.

You can ceck out blog posts on Affiliate marketing here.

4. Sponsorship

If your blog attracts reasonable traffic, then you can propose to companies, business owners etc to sponsor your blog in return for referals, extra online exposure etc.

If its what they want they will be part of it and advertise on your blog. They can advertise using ad banners, text links or with sponsored post. And the good thing is that you have control over how much you charge for adverts on your blog.

5. Online Services

As a blogger, there is probability that you will have accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Even if you don’t have personal accounts on those sites, I guess you would have created profiles for your blog on such sites.

Guess what, you can be making money by using those social media accounts to promote companies and busineses. There are bloggers that make money tweeting for companies, promoting companies & their products on Facebook etc. You too can!

Besides, if you know how to create a blog, how to set up Facebook,Google ads etc, you can be making money doing all that for those in need of such services. If you have services you offer, list them on your blog so that visitors to your blog will be aware of them.

Before you can actually start making good money from blogging, you need to write quality content, connect on social media and never stop learning.

I advise you try all the ways highlighted above because you won’t really know which one will really be working for you.  Don’t just sit down waiting for advertisers…

Do you know other ways to earn income from blogging?

Kindly let me know your take on this too.

This post was written by David Udenna. He is a Business/Self employment blogger at : He can be reached on Twitter @davidudenna or on Facebook via
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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. i run a photoblog, which is just about two months old. I'm not interested in generating income for now, i want to build up my readership and network. How do i do this in an intelligent manner? Do you have any previous articles on something like that with emphasis on photoblogs?

  2. Gud day to u.. I am really in a state of confusing cos I have been blogging close to a year now and haven't made a dime.. I have tried adsense but got rejected on several ocassions. Also tried affiliates but ma visitors are mainly students and not lagos based. So dey don't buy goods online. My blog url is Can u pls help me to review and tell me which other means I can earn with from my blog.

  3. Nice post David. PPC and Affiliate marketing is the sure money pullers for bloggers and is ruled mostly by Google Adsense and konga Affiliate respectively. Though Google Adsense is whisk this days just like My Anonymose brother complained, there are still lots of other Alternatives. Great Post.

    Uche Francis

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