AddThis Audience Targeting Lets You Segment and Target Your Site Visitors With Custom Messages

AddThis Audience Targeting is an overlay tool that allows you to segment and target your site visitors with custom messages. By offering that personalized touch, you’re enhancing the consumer experience—leading to higher site engagement and increase in the opportunity for more signups, subscriptions and conversions

AddThis Audience Targeting allows you to dictate not only who sees your message, but also how they see your message, and what action you want them to take. By creating an Audience Targeting rule, you’ll be able to give each one of your visitors a personal Web experience.

When creating an Audience Targeting rule at, you can choose to target visitors with a specific message and call-to-action depending on where they came from, their interests (like what kinds of sites they like to visit) and whether they’re new or returning visitors. You’ll be able to target the visitors according to the devices they are using i.e mobile device or desktop. You will also be able to hide or show your custom messages only on some specific pages on your site.

What’s equally as important, is hitting your site visitors with a personalized message at exactly the right moment—whether that’s after spending a specific amount of time on your site or right before a visitor plans to leave your site. AddThis Audience Targeting allows you to choose your timing.

addthis online marketing tool for custom messages

With front and center, customized messaging, you can call attention to promotions and interesting content, keeping visitors browsing for longer, thereby reducing bounce rates. For instance, offering a “welcome to our site” promotion to new visitors, or a “welcome back” promotion to returning visitors is 3x more effective at reducing bounce rate.

If you’ve written about online payments on your blog and you are a Payoneer account holder, you can create a rule and use it to promote Payoneer. This will give you more opportunity to increase signups through your Payoneer affiliate link.

addthis audience targeting rule for payoneer mastercard


If you want to increase your email subscribers, you can create an audience targeting rule that will make it easy for you to collect email addresses of your blog visitors and add them to your email lists. You can target specific visitors who would be more prone to signing up—such as return visitors or visitors who are interested in specific topics. By being able to customize your messaging to those groups of visitors you’re much more likely to see a higher subscribe rate and get quality subscribers.

addthis email marketing tool


AddThis Audience Targeting also offers website overlays that are specifically designed to help you drive traffic to your social media channels and increase followers. So, if you need more followers on your blog’s instagram, Twitter and Facebook page, you can set up an audience targeting rule that will prompt your site visitors to follow your social media channels.

Not sure what messaging will work best when targeting your site visitors? Or what segment is best to target? Through the audience targeting tool you can set up, manage and analyze A/B tests to see what’s driving more conversions.

As with all of its tools, AddThis offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your audience targeting. You can measure the amount of individuals who saw your custom messages and how many of them took action.

Increasing engagement, email subscribers, and social traffic has never been easier with addthis audience targeting tool; a better alternative to the addthis link promotion tool.

Activate AddThis Audience Targeting Rule today at !

If you are finding it difficult to activate, you can hire me 😉

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