Attend Onome Maureen Bootcamp To Say NO To Joblessness With A N450,000 Profit Business Plan

I’m sure you’ve already heard of the recent Abuja, PH, Lagos stampede which was supposed to be a job test for 3,000 positions at the Nigerian Immigration Service!

What would take 80,000 youths to a stadium to apply for just 3,000 jobs? With several injured and more than 7 people even died?

==> Hunger! NO Jobs! NOT enough money! Failing businesses! etc

If people are not losing their jobs, businesses are failing, no jobs to apply to, NO money to start a business, people dying etc. Isn’t it TIME you took the future into your own hands by creating a business for yourself using the advantage of the internet?

Do you know there’s a “one-man” business you can do which will “definitely” pay 50 times MORE than Nigeria’s minimum wage?

And with that, let me introduce you to one of Nigeria’s Finest Internet Business Coaches, by the name Onome Maureen.

onome maureen

The question you’re probably asking in your heart right now is: “Who in the world is Onome Maureen?”

Well, she’s a married young lady who started her internet-based business back in 2008 (6 years ago) and she has been doing it consistently, month-after-month for 6 years and she has seen a lot about this type of business especially how it works in Nigeria and how to become “wildly” successful.

Actually, she first came across this type of business while she was serving her fatherland and since then, she has been making alot of money from it.

Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase’s online newspaper; Success Digest Extra magazine first published her true story in their hardcopy, print newspaper on Monday January, 11, 2010 and later published it on their online newspaper Success Story website here.

Just to be modest about her.

There are many Nigerian online wealth quacks on the internet, but Onome Maureen has quickly become one of the best in a short amount of time.

And with your permission, she will like to meet with you personally to hand you a Business Plan capable of putting an Extra N450,000 MONTHLY In Pure PROFITS From Home  for You!

In addition to that, she will give you these 3 FREE Gifts and Much More in a DVD worth N1,050,000 Absolutely FREE.

  1.  The “Hobby Income Formula” Money-Making Gift
  2.  The “Blogging Cash System” Money-Making Gift
  3.  The “Mini-Website Design Video Training” Money-Making Gift

All she asks is for a chance to meet with you LIVE at her 3-Day Intensive Practical Super Internet and Information Business LIVE Money-Making Bootcamp at LAGOS during the Easter break.

Onome Maureen’s Internet Business Bootcamp is a 3-Day LIVE Practical Internet and Information Business Seminar for people who desire to have an extra source of income that can yield between N350,000 – N500,000 per month with a small startup cost of about N50,000.

If you are in dire NEED of a good source of income that can rival the income of some bankers and other professionals in a scenario where over 80,000 people are struggling for just 3,000 jobs or you need to fund one big expense or come out of debts, a struggling entrepreneur looking to grow your business fast, or you are just trying to take your business to another level, then Onome Maureen’s Internet Business Bootcamp – Internet and Information Business Training is a sure bet for you.

This is not the first time she will be organizing a bootcamp.  Infact, 2013 was the first time ever in 5 years that she did a LIVE Practical 2-Day Internet Business Bootcamp.

And she Video recorded that event and is planning to give the 2-set DVD recording to the First 10 people who reserve their seat at her Internet Business Bootcamp on or Before March 31st.

She will be having this workshop ONLY at Lagos and ONCE this year with no plans for other cities.

make money

Can I attend the bootcamp for FREE?


You will have to pay N30,000 on or before April 4th, 2014 if you want to be part of the bootcamp.

You only need to invest just N30,000 on or before April 4th, 2014 to be a part of this 3-Day seminar but that is if you hurry because thousands of people are reading this and only 30 seats are available.

You can click here for more info on how to register and pay for the bootcamp.

On the page, you will see that you will have to forward your payment details to my email address, hence no need to panic about been scammed. Your money is safe.

Once your payment is confirmed, Seminar/Venue details will be sent to you IMMEDIATELY

NOTE: Paying at the venue will NOT be allowed. And if you choose to pay N35,000 a day to the event, the only problem with this option is that you will only get a seat IF she still have unfilled seats. But I’m certain the 30 seats would have been taken before the date.

I’ve known Onome Maureen for quite some time now and I must say she has a lot of good products that has helped hundreds of Nigerians have a second source of income.

I believe if you follow her training, one session at a time and implement the techniques, I can guarantee you success.

Make sure you attend the 3-Day LIVE Practical bootcamp.

REMEMBER, the 3-Day Internet Business Bootcamp” holds during Easter and Only 30 People Wanted. Limited Seating. Register Immediately!!


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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