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The grandmaster of data, Globacom, has unveiled a service tagged “Glo Sponsored Data” that enables companies to give Glo customers access to their websites or mobile apps at zero cost i.e without being charged for data.

The data charge is borne by the company i.e website/app owner (the sponsor) through the procurement of a Glo Sponsored Data pack.

It is similar to dialing Toll Free 0800 number – the company dialed pays for the phone call.

This simply means that if you own a website or mobile app, you can buy Glo Sponsored Data pack and allocate certain amount of data for the navigation of your website or app to certain users (Glo customers).

Those users (who are Glo subscribers) will be able browse the website/app, stream video on their wireless devices for FREE in line with set daily data usage limits.

Free browsing is sweet, you know? 🙂 😆

What is Glo Sponsored Data and Benefits?

With Glo sponsored data, the users will be able to browse the website of the sponsoring company even when they have no active glo data subscription.

Globacom said that Sponsored Data service is a boom to organizations to further improve their customer service relations and induce sampling of the sponsoring company’s digital products, contents and offerings.

The company said the service will improve return on investment (ROI) to the sponsoring companies, adding that it will facilitate over 70 percent increase in customer engagement and foster incremental revenue through the engagement of new customers. This service would be particularly beneficial to niche bloggers, betting companies, IT & Technology companies, manufacturing concerns, banks, schools and others.

Globacom said staff of the sponsoring companies who are on the Glo network can also benefit from the sponsored data plans, adding that there are various options for companies and organizations wishing to use the sponsored service as they are free to choose from sponsored data buckets ranging from 200GB to 50TB in tandem with their needs.

free browsing websites glo sponsored data

Glo Sponsored Data Plans Prices

  • Glo_Sponsored_200 : 200Gigs for #89,000
  • Glo_Sponsored_300 : 300Gigs for #128,500
  • Glo_Sponsored_500 : 500Gigs for #240,000
  • Standard : 1 TB for #460,000.

Higher Sponsored Data Plans beyond 1TB are also available.

Requirements for Glo Sponsored Data Registration

  • Sponsor details
  • Sponsor or company admin/manager contact details
  • List of sponsor’s URL or Domain names with associated IPs for the sponsored website or applications.

How To Apply for Glo Sponsored Data


Glo Sponsored Data plans are valid for renewable 30 days but roll-over is allowed.

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