Code for Adding Family and Friends on Glo GBAM Tariff

Globacom Nigeria  has replaced the Glo Infinito “special” tariff with the new Glo GBAM, while the Glo Infinito “Social” tariff plan remains intact. Hence, if you used to call ONE special number, do not be surprised if you wake up one day and realized that you have been charged more for calling that your ONE special number. In can’t migrate to the tariff any longer.

On Glo GBAM, you will be charged 5 kobo per second instead of the 2 kobo per second on Glo Infinito “special” tariff, though you will be able to call 5 glo numbers at that rate instead of just ONE special number allowed via the Glo Infinito “special” tariff. To fully utilize the benefits of Glo G+Bam, you should try and have up to five numbers on your account as Family and Friends.

So, How Do I Add Glo Family and Friends?

==> Dial *101*1*Glo Mobile Number#

To Modify Registered FnF/Special Numbers

==> Dial *101*2*Existing Mobile Number*New Mobile Number#

To Delete Registered FnF/Special Numbers

==> Dial *101*3*Mobile Number#

*First time registration of special numbers is free. On subsequent change, N100 will be charged.

If you need the code to migrate to Glo GBAM, just dial *100*5*1# 


==> N10/per day rental applies on Glo GBAM
==> You can use the same code for adding/modify the 5 special numbers on “Glo Infinito Social”,  which allows you to call the 5 special numbers at 18 kobo per second.

I hope this short info helps….

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