How I Earn $50 Per Sale

There are lots of ways you can make money online but nothing is as cool as when you get paid without much stress and drama. Well, I am currently working with a company that is willing to pay $50 – $100 per sale I refer to them. Tested and confirmed.

The company payed me $50 for a referred sale and payment was received on Jan 24, 2018.

Which Company?

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It’s a web hosting company that is ready to pay you if you can get people to sign up for any of the web hosting services they offer, which are : Shared, Cloud, Dedicated and Reseller packages.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I referred a customer who bought the StartUp shared-hosting hosting plan for one year. The customer paid approx $48 for the hosting web hosting plan but the company payed me $50 for the sale.

siteground web hosting affiliate earnings

I can even earn up to $100 per sale if I can get 11+ sales for the web hosting company in a month. There is no limit on your earning. As long as the sales you send to the company are made legitimately, the company will pay for them.

The company will provide you with the special banner and text link codes containing your unique id, which you can use for referring new customers to the company’s web hosting packages.

There is no limitation for the billing cycle of the sale – the company pays even for 1 month sales. If the sale is for a billing cycle longer that 1 month, the total price of the item must be equal to or bigger than $40.

Kindly note that every sale that is 30 days old goes through a process the company calls a “good standing sale” review. The company checks, among other things, if the referred client’s account is still active and whether the account is actively used based on various criteria (eg. have they started building the website and uploading content, have they pointed their domain to the company’s servers, are they using email service, and more).

The company does this to predict how likely is the client to continue using their accounts in the long term, as this is when the company’s return on your affiliate commission investment comes. This is essentially the nature of all hosting affiliate marketing programs and this process helps hosts to predict and manage the risk of returning their marketing investment.

Your commissions are paid on Wednesday of every week following the first 30-40 days after the sale.

earn 50 dollars per sale web hosting

I was paid in January because of my payout settings. I initially set my payout minimum to $100 but later changed it to $50 after which my payment was issued.

Now that I’ve received my payment and confirmed that it’s for real, I will be pushing more sales for the web hosting company. I will help my clients sign up and pay for the web hosting services; I will recommend the webhosting coy when I teach people how to design websites etc

Mind you, before you start recommending the web host to your website visitors and friends, I will recommend you become a customer of the web hosting company so you can check for yourself how good they are. This will help you provide first hand recommendations to your website visitors and friends.

I am currently using the web hosting company to power OgbongeBlog after ditching Namecheap web hosting services and this is why I now recommend it to my clients that can afford high quality web hosting.

Apart from free SSL certificate offered, the features of each hosting plan are awesome. If you google the reviews of the web hosting company, you will be impressed!

You can click here to become a customer, after which you can apply to become an affiliate to earn up to $100 per sale.

Happy Selling!

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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