Favicon Validator That Previews and Tests Icons

Ealier today, I stumbled on an online favicon validator that lets you check, preview and test your site’s favicon. The online tool simply asks for your website address, after which it analyse the URL to check if your site is using and correctly implementing a favicon. The tool can be so helpful if you’ve uploaded a favicon for your site and you are not sure if it is working or not.

You can also preview favicons by making use of the tool. After submitting your website URL, it will also show you a preview of what your bookmark icon looks like on Android Chrome. iOS Safari, Mac OS X El Capitan Safari , Windows 8 & 10 and also on classic, desktop browsers.

You can check out the favicon validator at :

online favicon validator

If you don’t have a favicon for your site, there is also a favicon generator at the website, which you can use to convert pictures to favicons. The tools are available for use for free.

What is a Favicon?

Favicon (favorite icon) also described as a shortcut icon is a small, usually 16×16 mini logo that helps users to identify your site easily. If a browser supports it, it will display the favicon in the browser’s address bar and in the list of bookmarks. Favicons are saved as .ICO files; a file format that saves multiple images at different sizes for scaling purposes.

Below is the favicon of ogbongeblog planet :

ogbongeblog planet favicon

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