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Lately, I keep receiving a lot of mails, text messages and phone calls from my blog readers asking me for where they can get a free php server for the . These requests are just too much that I just don’t have choice other than to come up with this post.

In one of my previous posts, I talked about the . In the post, I shared the links to where you can download the script and the userguide but unfortunately, the download links are no more functioning. I guess this might have been as a result of too much traffic bombarding the links, which the webmaster might really NOT like because of bandwidth palava.

Well, some folks who have downloaded the script before the links were broken are still claiming that the IWP still rocks, though NOT with the default server. If you do not have the script, ask your friends who might have it, to mail it to you. Don’t be stingy, try and tip them with something and they will give you. I could remember a friend telling me that salvation itself is not free…lol

Do not bother asking me for the script because, I DO NOT USE IWP for browsing. You might be surprised but that’s just the fact. Some of my blog readers do send me recharge vouchers day in day out, which are always enough for me to subscribe for internet. That’s just the way, I now browse free…. Smiles**

To get a free php server for the IWP is just as simple as getting a free web hosting account online that supports php.  There are a lot of free web hosting companies that supports php but each one of them has their own restrictions and policies.  if you think you have the money to pay for a web hosting too, feel free to go for it.

When I discussed , I shared some free web hosts that support php server. You can host your IWP on such web hosts. You can also try . There are more of such free php servers but I will keep them to myself for now. Just try the ones I shared above.

Once you register with any of the host, you will have access to the control panel where you can upload the script especially via “File Manager”. Once you upload it to the server, copy the url that points to the script on the server and embed it in the IWP software.  I guess, that’s all.

If you already have the script, feel free to send it to me, so I can upload it somewhere and share with others. It will be highly appreciated. Remember, there is love in sharing….

I hope this helps…..

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UPDATE: You can check out how to use the India Web Proxy here


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  1. Wowwwwww! I have been so worried about these php servers without knowing its just a matter of getting a php web host. Chai!.. My bad! With this info, I will now go and start forming big boy to my guys ooo. Thanks for posting this Mr Jide. I will also text you small recharge card oo, just to appreciate your work. You are a great helper. Thanks again.

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