Glo Gista: New Tariff That Allows You Gist for 15k Per Second

Globacom Nigeria has launched a new per second tariff plan which enables prepaid customers to pay less for talking more. If you are a Glo subscriber, you can now call another Glo number for 15k per second instead of the 25k per second which you pay when calling non-family & friends numbers on Glo Infinito and Glo GBAM but….

But What???

The 1st 60 seconds of local calls (not international calls) to any network in a day is charged at 40K/sec; No free night calls and No Family and Friends.

So, How much do I pay for calls on this plan after the first minute?

Glo-to-Glo calls are charged at 15K per second while Glo to other local networks are charged at 30K per second from 2nd minute onwards

Does it affects IDD and data rates?

No. Gista only affects your local calls. No change to IDD and data rates.

How To Migrate To Glo Gista

Just dial *100*15*1# to migrate to Glo Gista.

The first profile migration is FREE on the network. Migration fee of N100 to be charged customers for subsequent migrations. Only one FREE profile migration is allowed within 30 days

Can I enjoy Glo Gista on existing profiles like Infinito, Classic e.t.c?

No. A customer on any Glo prepaid plan has to migrate to the Glo Gista plan to enjoy it by simply dialing *100*15*1#

But, I Want Free Night Calls, Family&Friends. What Should I Do?

To enjoy free night calls and family & friends, you can migrate to G-BAM by dialing *100*5*1# and enjoy 5k/sec to 5 Glo numbers and 25k per second to non FAF and other networks, though you pay N10 daily rental.

Now that I have enlightened you about Glo Gista, do you prefer it to Glo Infinito and Glo GBAM??

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Wow! It somehow favours those that call alot of Glo numbers. I will stick to my Glo GBAM because most of my contacts are using MTN and still want to be enjoying the free night call and the 5 special numbers.

  2. glo yan me more is still cheaper because it is 15k/s to glo and 25k/s toother networks instead of 30k/s to other networks for glo gista SHINE YOUR EYES!!!

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