Google Adsense PIN: Reasons Why You Might Have Not Received Yours

Are you willing to receive money from Google through the Adsense program? If yes, I am just using this opportunity to inform you that you will need to verify your account before your money can be sent to you.

Using Google Adsense is not just putting Adsense codes on your blog or website. You must ensure that your account is verified; if not, no matter how much you might earn from clicks on your website, you will never receive your payment.

After your Google Adsense registration has been approved, you can start putting Adsense codes on your blog or website. Get good traffic to your blog and make sure you blend the Adsense codes with the theme of your blog. With time, you will start noticing some commissions been credited to your account provided visitors to your blog are clicking on the Google ads on the blog.

This is just one of the simple ways of making money on the Internet. By the time these commissions reach $10, Google will notify you to verify your account using a PIN number that will be mailed to the address you used while registering for the Google Adsense. Hence, make sure the address you supply during registration is one through which mails can easily get to you.  

If you are a publisher trying to make money through the Google Adsense, there are reasons why you might have not received your PIN (Personal Identification Number) yet. The reasons are highlighted below:
* Your account is not on PIN hold.
      You will be required to verify your PIN only after your account balance reaches $10.00. If you do not see a hold displayed on the Overview page, under the Reports tab, then it means that your account is not on PIN hold yet.

* A PIN might not have been sent to you.
      You have to wait for a week after your account balance reached $10.00 for a PIN to be generated and mailed to you.

* You haven’t waited for 4 weeks after your last PIN was generated.
      PINs often take up to 4 weeks to reach you by mail. You can find the date on which your most recent PIN was generated by logging in to your account and viewing the Account Settings page under the My Account tab.
* Your payment address is not valid.
      Take a moment to review your payment address, and make updates to your address if necessary.
If you have still not received your PIN after reviewing the common issues notes above, you may request up to a maximum of 2 additional PINs. To do this,  read on…

How can I request a new PIN?

If you haven’t received your PIN, or if it has been lost, you’re welcome to request up to two additional PINs. Note that you’ll need to wait 3 weeks after your last PIN was mailed before requesting a new one.
To request a new PIN:

  1. Log in to your AdSense account at
  2. Click the My Account tab
  3. Continue to the Payment History page
  4. Click the Please enter your PIN link
  5. Click Request a new PIN

Google will then mail a new PIN to the address in your account. If your address has changed, please update your account before requesting a new PIN.

In my future posts, I will be writing extensively about how you can make money through the Google Adsense program even if you do not know anything about blogging or web design. More so, I will be sharing with you, tips that I use in getting more clicks from visitors to my blog.

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Cheers !!!.

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