Google+Badge and +1 Button Now Available As Blogger Gadgets

Google has introduced two Google+ gadgets, the +1 button and Google+ Badge into Blogger Gadgets. This simply means you can now easily add these two gadgets to your Blogger blog by selecting them from the list of basic gadgets after clicking on “Add a Gadget” from the “Layout” tab of Blogger dashboard.
Unlike the +1 button that can appear below a post, this gadget is specific to your blog. Displaying it on your blog will allow visitors to endorse your blog and share it with their friends.
If you don’t know what a +1 means, think of it as a public stamp of approval from your readers. As soon as someone clicks on the +1 button next to your blog, they’ll also have the option to share it with their friends, contacts, or the rest of the web.  

+1s from your readers will appear to people in their circles whenever your blog shows up in Google search results.

Here’s an example:

Picture f people showing in Google search results

The Google+ badge gadget allows you to connect your blog to your personal profile or your Google+ page on Google+. Adding the badge to your blog helps you connect with friends, fans, and customers. It enables your readers to add you, or your blog to their circles and follow your blog posts on Google+. 

How To Add Google+ Badge and +1 Button To Blogger

To add these gadgets to your blog, select “Add a Gadget” from the “Layout” tab of Blogger, and select them from the list of gadgets under “Basics“. You’ll need to copy your Google+ ID (personal or Page) to configure the brand badge gadget for your blog.

Add the +1 and Google+ brand badge gadgets to your blog today to grow and engage your audience.

I hope this helps.


Source: Blogger Buzz
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