How Do You Think OgbongeBlog Can Help Upcoming Bloggers ?

For some months now, I’ve been pondering how how I can use my blog to help upcoming bloggers. I know there are a lot of them out there that really want their blogs to grow fast as soon as possible without having to break the bank . No doubt many bloggers want to win awards too and become a popular blogger like me in Nigeria and beyond.

Most times, I receive emails from Bloggers that want me to write about their blogs on my blog for free. Some will request I help them create or re-design their blog for free. Some want me to be an admin of their blogs so they will only focus on content. Some just want me to be sharing their blog updates all accross my social media accounts. Some will send me their blog links for me to review and tell them what to add or remove. The list is endless.

help bloggers

Most of those services are services I get paid for. So, imagine me using my limited time to offer all those services for free to everybody. I believe you will agree with me that it won’t make sense. Although I try as much as I can to help but to be honest I can’t help all.

Let’s say I decide to be writing about an a blog from an upcoming blogger every week, what criteria will I use? If I decide to redesign a blog for an upcoming blogger every week, will it be in form of contest? These and other questions are what I’m still asking myself as at the time of writing this post.

So, I need your input please.

How do you think OgbongeBlog can help upcoming bloggers?

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What do you think?

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. Some can deal with good content themselves but what matter most and what keeps upcoming blogger motivated is when they see their blog growing. Traffic matters a lot and how to get reasonable amount of traffic is an area that needs to be explain, I agree with help sharing a post on your social media like u did for

  2. This is really good, I've always admired and its writer/owner Jide Ogunsanya. I think ur first suggestion was okay, you can try writing about an upcoming blog each week that you think is rich in content and worth reading from ur readers.

    Johnny Test

  3. Jide the only thing that u can do to make upcoming bloggers happy, is to help them advertise their blog for free. And if u do it today, and stop tomorrow, they will start saying ure not serious or ure partial.. Another thing with freebies is that they will not appreciate it, bicos they did not work for it. The tips you share on this blog helped shape my blogging career to the level it is now. And i will always be thankful for that. If u ask me, i will say you should leave things the way they are.. Your blog is loaded with tips and i formation that will make any serious minded person to succeed.

  4. Jide, I will advise you to take your time to create detailed ebooks for new beginners @ an affordable cost. and at the same, create a weekly Contest for users…whoever that wins will make a request and have it done for free signed

  5. Hi Jide,

    I agree with Onyitex Joseph and Daddy G.O Awon…Your blog is already jammed packed with lots of info. Your time can be better spent improving yourself, offering tips as always, and making your blog contents richer for all of us, your visitors and loyal followers.

  6. Hi Jide,

    Progress is made when people pay for services (at least a part). Being a pro blogger myself, I don't fool myself that everything is going to be free! However, I freely offer FREEBIES when I can – and when the occasion warrants….

    Why don't you create a side forum so that OgbongeBlog becomes a community? That way, the pressure is lifted off your shoulders (partially) and distributed across to the community.

    What do you think?

    Akaahan Terungwa

  7. Well you could start with giveaways. Linda ikeji does it and so does many bloggers who look up to you. So it amaze me boss Jide and boss Doncaprio don't do it. But please don't giveaway boxers and pants even if they are ogbongely customized. You could also share their useful/impressive posts via social media. Also create time to visit and comment on other blogs. Imagine Linda leaves her high and mighty to comment here. Probably do a monthly randomly generated top 10 of bloggers of the month posts to boost their recognition. Or add some blogs on ur blogroll even for a limited time. Mispetite added ogbongeblog to hers. And you could start with mine – *winks*. Otherwise you could dash me ogbongeblog or I go come kidnap you. In short, Givers never lacks. Whatever you do, you'll still benefit from it.

  8. I know you have a lot of influence on social media especially Facebook. I'm suggesting you recommend a blogger on weekly basis on your social media pages; two paragraphs should do or give us a compilation of hands-on eBooks that even dummies can implement to the letters. I share the view of many people here about doing free stuffs for us, only a few people will appreciate it.

  9. Well I think the best and easy way to us is true guest posting…have been reading all the comments I notice everyone has a diffrent opinion and a different view.. some need traffic, some giveaway etc.. the truth z Mr jide cannot do it all @ same time
    We just all have to come together find out the one problem and that is TRAFFICCCCCCCC and nail it down.
    …My best advice to us all iz we should submit a guest post to him…..that will be a one step ahead .you no "content z king" if you post z well written… you get traffic… that's prob number 1.
    so if you don't like writing. develop interest in it…and see d different… #Guest posting… lolx

  10. Guest posting iis the best bet for me, if a blogger expects some reward, he/she should also be able to put in some effort in writing a detailed, content rich post related to ogbonge blog , that shows some level of seriousness. Next is featured blogger of the week in terms of improvement, adding blogs to a blog ,all these i believe will also help drive traffic to your blog. Some of your tips i implemented on my blog and it has been improving daily. Thanks.

  11. I think Jide has already done a great deal in helping bloggers; especially going by the posts and articles and even his FREE EBook on Blogging. What I believe is that most would-be bloggers dont realise that there is an unavoidable learning curve that is unique to each and every blogger. Besides the typical young blogger wants money so fast rather than settle down to learn via immersion. I have been creating websites for people, including blogs, and I got inspired by great bloggers, Jide inclusive.

  12. Thank Mr.Jide,my comments on this topic is probably do a small seminar for little or nothing so that a group can be form to assist those that no very little about blogging while those that know like 50-65% can be directly handle by you who will inturn get to those that no very little about blogging. Very many are in need but cannot reach you cos you too have to make your living while blogging so it cannot be all free affair. but little extra effort will go along way. Thanks

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