How I Display My iPad Screen on TV and Projector

Recently, I published a post about the eight deals I ordered from Dealdey. All the items were recently delivered to my doorstep and one of them is a Wifi media streamer; a wireless HDMI dongle powered by EZcast software.

With the EZcast HDMi dongle, you can use it to display your iPhone or iPad screen on your TV wirelessly if the TV has an HDMI port. You can do same on a Projector. You can as well use it to stream content from iTunes on your computer to the TV.

So, no need to waste your money buying an AppleTV just to enjoy the iOS AirPlay feature of your iOS device. The dongle simply offers support for AirPlay mirroring.

So this means you can just relax in bed and enjoy the music, photos, videos in your iPad, on your TV.  If you want to make a presentation to a large audience eg to demonstrate how to use an app on your iPad or to share an ebook saved on your iOS device, you can simply flip this to you TV or Projector by making use of the dongle.

When you are browsing on the Safari browser, it automatically displays on your TV if you mirror the iOS device with your TV using the EZcast HDMI dongle.

If you have the dongle, you can read how to use it to mirror your iOS device to TV or Projector here.

If you don’t have it, you can buy the EZcast HDMI dongle from Konga or Jumia Nigeria. It should also be available on Amazon and Aliexpress too.

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