How To Add Addynamo Code To Mobstac Blog

If you operate a website or blog, whose mobile version is powered by Mobstac, you can also start making money with your blog through Addynamo Pay Per Click advertising program; a program that works similarly to Google Adsense.

AD:DYNAMO can help you instantly monetize the traffic your site receives. Once you sign up with Ad-dynamo, their technology will start delivering advertisements to your blog and each time an ad is clicked, you earn. You have complete control to choose the ad sizes & colour that suit your blog/website.

Steps To Adding Ad-Dynamo To Mobstac Blog

==> Go to

==> Log into your account and if you do not have one, sign up for a publisher account

==> Click on the  “Channels” tab

==> Click on the “WEB” tab (NOT mobile)

==> Click the “New Channel” by the right hand side of the page. You will see a page asking you for some details

==> Name your channel anything you want

==> For “Advert Display Type“, choose “Small Leatherboard (234×60)” (This fits perfectly into your mobile blog)

==> For “Advert type” choose “Text/Image

==> For “Website“, select the website you want to add it to from the list e.g If the site is not there, click on “Manage sites” tab and click the “new site” link to add your site

==> Click the “Create Channel” button

==> A new page will open displaying details of the Addynamo channel you created. Beside it, you will see the icons in the picture below:

==> Click the first icon by the left to get your ad code, as indicated in the picture above

==> Copy the ad code into a notepad

==> On another tab/window of your browser, log in to

==> Click on the “Advertising” tab

==> Tick where you want to add the code. i.e Top of Page or Bottom of page

==> Click the “Custom Ad” under the location you selected above and click the “Edit” button

==> Paste the Addynamo code you copied into the box and click SAVE.

==> Wait for mobstac to approve it. This might take some hours. Be calm.

==> Once approved, you will start seeing Ad-dynamo ads on your mobstac-powered blog as seen on mine in the snapshot below

I hope this works for you.

Feel free to use the comment from below to contribute or ask questions.

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